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What we’re about

Intentional Creativity for Women.

Exploring Your Inner Universe Through Expressive Creativity Workshops..

Are you feeling the shift and pull of change with the seasons? Do you long to express your soul's voice through paint, poetry, and wisdom because you long for that connection to your muse, or your higher self?

This is an invitation to ignite your colorful self with the wonderful process of Intentional Creativity, among your feminine tribe.

In these joyful, deep workshops, you'll experience art processes to reclaim your creative self, focus your personal direction and lead you on an empowering, inspiring adventure, lighting the way with your creative self.

We touch on the deep wisdom inside of ourselves that is activated through meditation, writing, music, poetry, art and connection to help with decision making, directions and expression in our lives.

Dream, Explore, Discover. Step into Your Own Light. Make the Shift!