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Let’s gather, share and explore God’s Well together! The Woman at the Well Experience has been around for at least 2000 years. 

Women at the Well in the Old Testament found refuge in God during their daily gathering process.  This  took place in the early mornings when they collected the most vital resource for their households, WATER.  This experience is an example of the first “water cooler moment” for women, great and small.  The Well was not only a place to draw water, but was also a place where information was shared, friendships were formed and broken hearts mended. Unlike social media today, this was a deeply interpersonal experience for women where exchanges and transactions happened in person.  A place for women to be themselves, share their hearts and find encouragement from other Godly women.  This was our sacred place, our superpower, but has long been forgotten over the years. At WATWE, we understand the value and need to return to this sacred fellowship with Godly women and have dedicated a space where this can be done, again. All are welcome, but note that Jesus Christ is our foundation here. Look forward to meeting you at the well sis!

***Members participating in zoom meetings are required to turn on their cameras and videos***

WATWE Founder, Danielle

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