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What we’re about

Young Stamford was the guy who introduced Watson to Holmes. We are the YOUNGER Stamfords. The Younger Stamfords began with a meeting in 1988, convened by Dick Caplan, at that point a new member of the Baker St. Irregulars, with the investiture of “Dr. Jackson”.

Back on that snowy winter’s night the arrival of 28 people forecast a healthy future. The group adopted its name eventually because of Caplan’s interest in the character, Young Stamford, and some biographical information he had published, and which later became a more complete biography published in 1994. We became an official scion society of the Baker St. Irregulars in 1995. Meetings are held semi-annually, near November 1 and May 1. The annual dues are $2.21 and are strictly voluntary. Likewise, there are no other obligations except to enjoy Sherlockian information and companionship.