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What we’re about

Sure seems that the majority of these great groups I enjoy are so well organized that they book up quickly....
Not sure where I will be in three weeks or what I may crave... You? Then at the 11th hour, there is this great idea. But most are already booked.
I invite you to join me in exploring the 11th Hour possibilities!
Note to the file.... Not a gathering of singles or couples... or solid A types but for those who find that they have an idea or like the idea posted, and are free to implement, at the last minute.... because it is likely in their neighborhood or because they work nearby.
Likely these last minute events will take place... in my neighborhood.... because I pay the meetup fee, (feel free to participate! ) because there are lots of options, because gas prices are high ...
My idea of a pleasant eve is good company and good conversation... whatever we do. Sharing anything, from a glass of ... to a meal to a laugh opens the doors to possible friendship.
Therefore I invite those who live or work near So. Tampa to opt in.
Check often. You may see something you like and join us some 11th hour!

***No approval w/out completed profile & photo of YOU posted.