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What we’re about

Let’s meet online and in person to play and develop some new (or old) acting skills.

Our acting sessions are for you if:

  • You ever thought about taking up acting as a hobby.
  • You did drama in college, uni, school and you miss it.
  • You ever needed to speak in front of people and wished you had some more tools (and some more confidence).
  • You like to play and be creative (and sometimes silly).
  • You want to meet new people.
  • You are an adult (but really a child).

We will play, learn skills, create and perform.
We will become more free & confident in front of people.
We will make new friends and get to know ourselves in a new way.

All of the sessions are suitable for beginners with little or no experience.
More experienced performers are very welcome to join and play with us too :)
Most sessions are run by Theatre Gym and Tal Jakubwiczova

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