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The Adelaide Boyz (Thereinafter called “Boyz or Boyz group”)

for Men only, 18 to around 35 years (when joining)

About Boyz:

Boyz is a very multicultural-oriented social group run by PEACE Multicultural Services, Relationships Australia SA (RASA). It is for gay and bisexual men who are currently living in, or moving to, Adelaide. Over the past months, Boyz has been creating a stronger base that represents members from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds, such as migrants, overseas students, etc. Today, it still continues to grow steadily.

Boyz aims to:

- Build social connection between members in a safer and welcoming space

- Provide regular themed meetup events (once a month, at this stage)

- Always do its best to help every member feel connected at each meetup event (So, if you are new, don’t be shy!)

- Keep its strong focus on growing multiculturalism due to limited support groups of this type in SA (Say, if you're 40, but feel like wanting to be a part of Boyz, you’re encouraged to contact Boyz coordinator. There are always opportunities!)

Group Coordinator:

Ben currently takes care of both Boyz & UNIDOS. Ben used to be an international student from China and is currently employed by RASA as a peer support worker.

(Please be aware that Ben attends to Boyz group 2 days a week - normally Thursdays & Fridays, unless days get swapped due to a changing weekly work schedule. Hence, there may be a delay in response if you send a message, an email or a request. Apology if this is the case.)

How to join & How to contact Ben?
Want to join Boyz for meetup events and start making friends? Please click on this link and send a request:


Other than Boyz, Ben also runs UNIDOS. It is on-line only, and is based on Facebook. It is for anyone who identifies as same-sex attracted from a non-English speaking background. UNIDOS offers private supportive chat via Facebook messages on a 1 to 1 basis. UNIDOS also has a Facebook group (if you wish to join and be a member to receive regular Facebook posts). Feel free to connect with Ben via UNIDOS link:


If you’d like to meet Ben face to face and have a chat about anything, either living in Adelaide or studying in Adelaide, you are more than welcome to contact him:

Email: b.yi@rasa.org.au Phone: (08) 8245 8100

(*IMPORTANT: Please remain respectful to the group, the group coordinator and all members. Necessary action will be taken if any disrespectful/aggressive behavior/language is noticed or reported. The action taken may be in different ways, depending on the situation).

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