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What we’re about

What does financial freedom mean to you? To me, it means having the ability to do with my time, what I want to do with my time, when I want to do it.

This group is for the purpose of pouring resources into our small business community in the DFW (Dallas/Ft.Worth) area so that each of us can attain financial freedom doing what we are passionate about. IF you are a small business owner (non-profits included) in the DFW area and believe that the more you give, the more you receive - this is the group for you!

Most of our events will be FREE or a small fee when lunch/dinner/drinks or special guest speakers are part of the package. You can expect to enjoy seminars and business related events at discounted rates by being a member of C.B.G. You will also gain exclusive access to information and networks that can be utilized to grow your business as well as monthly drawings for various freebies (business, personal, family), promotional opportunities within the group, and early access to vendor opportunities outside of this network. There is a $4 monthly due to remain a member.

Locations are at select venues in the DFW area. Networking events, seminars and social gatherings will be held at various times.

Speakers will address such topics as: Digital Advertising, Multi-media Marketing, Grants\Grant Management, Business Development, and more!

Social gatherings will definitely be a thing! Learning about one another in stress free environments will be an integral part of this group. We may go bowling, go to Dave & Busters, go to a jazz club - we are open for suggestions here. There may be a small fee included - hopefully at a discount for the group!

Always bring your business cards or be ready to exchange socials and numbers - you never know who could be the door to your next blessing.

We look forward to learning, sharing, and networking with you!

Happy Living!