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What we’re about

We have a vision for a spiritual community… \

Comprised of individuals who are:
- friendly/accepting/open-minded
- emotionally mature/self-aware/empathic
- curious/adventurous/playful
- introspective & desiring self-growth/expansion.
And whose purpose is to:
- encourage and stimulate each other to grow emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually
- experience new and exciting things
- commune with new people and old friends alike
- find outlets for creative, intuitive, and physical expression.
This IS about cultivating universal connection – a feeling of unconditional love – with the world and the people in it, indulging a mutual curiosity and playfulness, and aiding in each other's growth and healing.
If ANY of this resonates with you,
What interests would you like to share with the group? Please respond by taking this private SURVEY (click here) or reply to the group in this public FORUM (click here).
Here's an example list to get things started:
laughing, stimulating conversation, coffee and tea, enjoying good food, being in nature or near bodies of water, walking/hiking, reading/writing, meditation, energy healing, dream interpretation, outdoor sports, live music, art exhibits, dance, foreign language, travel, learning about any number of things in a group.
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