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What we’re about

Effectiveness Training

Being effective and knowing yourself as someone who can create results is pertinent to success. The CREW’s Effectiveness Training teaches you how to take leverageable and strategic actions to get to results quicker and, in turn, build your confidence to tackle any obstacle, challenge or opportunity as you grow.

Leadership Empowerment

The CREW’s Leadership Training gives you the tools to scale yourself because the faster your company grows, the faster you need to grow. As a participant in The CREW, you will develop the skills, to operate at a higher level of performance, leading to enhanced leadership, wellbeing, and success.

Community Support

Success cannot be created alone. Having a community of like-minded people to connect with amplifies your chance to reach your goals with velocity. Receive support, guidance, and expert advice from the group and have a chance to share your expertise to help others succeed. 

About The CREWCaptain: 

Your CREWCaptain, Colleen Schell, is the founder and creator of The CREW. She has coached and mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs, executives, and other business leaders from Silicon Valley to Bali Indonesia in almost every business sector.
Utilizing her emotional intelligence and business development expertise, all her training is based on how to easily and effectively get better results with less stress and friction.