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What we’re about

One of the biggest Global IBD Meetup Chapter

About Us:

Team of traders, we started in 2011 and over the years we have had various high profile investors/traders come speak to our events in person. Speakers such as William O'Neil Companies President Scott O'Neil, Investor Business Daily/Marketsmith National Speakers - Harold Morris, Arnie Gutierrez, Eddie Ramirez, Jennifer Flynn, Tim Reazor and including the Legendary Stock Market Wizard Mark Minervini. 

What is the Purpose of this Group?

The purpose of this group is to become excellent market traders/investors followed by having fun, learning and sharing ideas related to CANSLIM methodology, portfolio management, risk assessment, 7-8% max loss rule, pyramiding, etc.

From 2021 Onwards - We are going to transition our presentation to Intermediate/Advanced Trading concepts and it will be geared towards advanced traders. Every now and then we will cover topics for members who are new to trading.

Who Should Join?

Anyone who wants to learn to be a better Trader

Special Thanks Goes to

Lee Tanner and his legendary IBD Meetup Group -

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