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What we’re about

Thee Tree House is a place that nurtures all that is authentic by acknowledging you for who you are. We’re not just another counseling center, or just a wellness center. We are a team of people who strive in healing others through modalities that truly work! We aren't cookie cutter, we aren't pushy, we aren't judgmental. We are a team of loving individuals who practice what we preach. 
Why us?
Thee Tree House is for people who need a reminder that wellness is a way of living and it starts with how you choose to live your life. We empower others to be the best they can be. Our programs support the idea that in order to be well, you must learn how to care for yourself. Our clients love that we are real, that we too have come from a place of being misunderstood and not heard. We come from a place where we too have sought out ways to improve our own wellness and we know that if we don't care for ourselves, we can't possibly help others learn how to care for themselves. We have more than just professional experience, we have personal experience!

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