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Meditation, Psychics, Mediums, Light Workers, Coaching, Counseling, Support Groups, Healers, and Seekers of The Light!!

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The Gathering Lighthouse is an educational non-profit center, dedicated to teach individuals self-empowerment; personal strength and leadership skills to use in all aspects of life. This is accomplished through programs, seminars, classes, individual coaching and counseling, focused on empowerment and growth of the individual.

"The Gathering Lighthouse supports your Joyful Journey into Spiritual and Psychic development"

Join us at The Gathering Lighthouse where independence and self-reliance is valued

We are an open "COMMUNITY of LIGHTWORKERS" who choose to share our Gifts, Knowledge and Light in a Joyful way with others. Practitioners, Teachers, and Seekers are all welcome.

What they are saying about The Gathering Lighthouse

"I cannot thank all of you enough for all that you have done for me s well as the many others who enter your building"

"I finally feel at Home!"

"At first I felt in awe of all the talent, now I feel so comfortable, like I belong too."

"I always wanted to learn more about what I was experiencing, and here I can without judgement."

"It is great to support others who are just beginning their journey on the path of light."

Bring a dish to pass, a Loving Spirit and an Open Heart, join us and share in this wonderful space of Energy and Loving Light!

Upcoming events (4+)

ZOOM-Orland Park-The Gathering Lighthouse-Spiritual-Intuitive Development Circle

Readings, Readings, Readings. Come and have a reading. Come and do a reading for someone. Come and learn more about intuition and how to do readings.

Zoom number is[masked]

Cost for the class is $20: Paypal to [masked] and Zelle to[masked]


Renee Oswald, Hypnotist, Healer, Psychic - thegatheringlighthouse.org -

Regardless of your skill level, these Gatherings will assist you to grow and expand all of your abilities. We not only share our experiences and knowledge in a safe and comfortable environment, but we also practice our intuitive skills with modalities such as psychic readings, oracle/tarot cards, dowsing, psychometry, healing energy.

Confidentiality is always observed so you will be free to speak of your experiences openly and confidently. At times we will have speakers on certain subjects, so be assured you will be learning from the best!

For questions, please call:
Renee Lenore at[masked]

We look forward to zooming with you!

Renee Oswald, Hypnotist, Healer, Psychic - thegatheringlighthouse.org -

Metaphysical, Psychic, Mediumship Development *Learn to Use Energy-Bend a Spoon!

Come at 6:30p to mix and mingle and make new friends. We will begin promptly at 7p and end at 9p-doors close at 9:15p.

Join us for a special encore presentation of Lita Keller's SPOON BENDING CLASS! This is a fun and exciting way to practice moving energy. Dig 3-4 old spoons out of the drawer or go find some old sturdy ones at the Goodwill. At the end of class we will be doing readings for each other.

Come join us!!
Have you ever wondered what your Intuition is telling you?
You will learn your symbolic language and what those symbols are telling you. You will learn to distinguish what are your thoughts and what your intuitive self is telling you.

You will learn to feel and sense energy and realize how it is a normal part of your existence. You will learn about numbers and colors and how and what they mean to you. Periodically we may work with one another on missing person's cases. Home study may be part of this circle for practice and growth.

Facilitator: June Kortum: GLCT, She has been teaching and facilitating groups for over 50 years - Psychic Medium - Reconnective Healing Practitioner - Astrologer - Personal Self-Empowerment Coach - Founder and Executive Director of The Gathering Lighthouse.

More information or to make an appointment for a reading or personal consultation, please text June at[masked]

Loyalty cards are available for this class. Attend 6 classes and receive one free.


Angelic Healer and Intuitive Reader, Kelly Beyer

Needs a location


Angelic Intuitive • Firewalker• International Psychic Healer• Force for Good• Angelic Soul Healing

My plan for the evening is to start by raising the frequency in the room! I will have everyone do a quick breathing exercise that will connect us all simultaneously.

Then we will connect to the collective consciousness and see who in the room isn’t the most need of an elevation of their frequency otherwise known as Healing. We will then connect with any loved ones who need to deliver any message that is imperative!

After that we will use the Angelic Realm to scan the room to see if there’s any messages for a group or individuals! As I explain to my clients When I connect with the universe it’s not a cell phone call where we can direct the energy , but we do put set the intention and see who comes through it’s a lot of fun!

If time allows I’m always open to any questions from the crowd


A Sacred Awakening ~ Monthly Meditation via Zoom

Link visible for attendees

Join us every month as we journey to a place of peace and comfort.


We journey to the embrace of our angelic team helping us as we continue our work here on earth. This can be meeting with an Angel, your spirit guide, a lost loved one or your higher self.

Come join us as we travel beyond the physical and into the vibration of pure love!

Free to attend ~ Donations are always accepted

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