Universal Symbols - Level 1

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The Gathering Lighthouse Center

26 N Park Ave. · Lombard, IL

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Just walk into the reception area.

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Symbols are the first language of the universe and are inherent in every culture. Symbols convey more meaning than words and have an instantaneous impact on our system because of their energetic resonance.

Through this class, you will receive 8 healing symbols which we will discuss, become attuned to and activate within our own bodies, cell structure, and DNA.

The content is formatted into a reference manual in a binder, and you will receive a CERTIFICATE of COMPLETION.

We can then use these symbols to heighten and further empower our own healing and sessions with clients.

You do not need to be attuned to any healing system to attend. Symbols that deal with Reiki and other energetic healing systems will be reviewed.

This is a fun, highly engaging and interactive and TRANSFORMATIVE class.

You will receive a guide with the symbols, their uses, and method of attuning to them.

This class would be especially beneficial to anyone, and especially to those who are attuned to a healing system but not yet attuned to symbols.


A brief introduction to sacred symbols and their potential in healing
Getting into a healing frame of mind (intentions)
Invocation and brief centering meditation
Distribution of materials in a binder
Symbols: Learn their properties, use, and meaning
Attunement / Activation process
Questions / answers

$45 class 1 with advance RSVP.
Part 2 of this class is scheduled to begin on the same day at 1 pm.
Class 2 is only is $45
Attend both classes on 11/23 for $65!

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