What we're about

The Healing Frequency is a community of like minded individuals with the intent on learning and growing on the spiritual path. This group focuses on learning the emotional intelligence you need to get you out of being reactive and being more in flow with the universal energy that is with us at all times.

You can expect events such as unique guided meditations, open Reiki shares, drum circles and classes on manifesting desires and other metaphysically related topics.

I am available for private consultation, healing and workshops. Contact me for more details, your initial phone consultation is free as we map out your vibrations and plan the best course of action fro your life.

Other Services available:

-Life Coaching

-Theta Healing


-Access Consciousness

-Bach Flower Consultations

-Tuning Fork Therapy

-Spiritual Coaching

-Rain Drop Therapy

-Motivational Speaking

-Essential oils wellness advocate

Enjoy the group!


Upcoming events (5+)

Manifestation Monday @Lotus

The Lotus and The Light Metaphysical Center

Set your intention for the week with this amazing manifestation meetup! Manifesting on your own is ok....manifesting within a power group is AMAZING! We have run this group practice in the past with AMAZING results for everyone! We are bringing it back to aid in achieving YOUR desires for YOUR life! This meetup is FREE and donations based! There will be a basket for collections and no pressure or fuss, just give what you can and if you can't give, then still come! Join Rob Pritchard, Master Healer and LOA Facilitator and Uma as they guide you through a meditation to clear your mind and quiet the mental chatter, a journaling exercise using positive intentions and the use of the group vortexual energy to manifest your intentions x1000! Time included at the end of each session for feedback and Q&A on manifestation processes.

Theta Healing Downloads For prosperity and money - online class

Theta Healing Downloads For prosperity and money Theta healing brings in the Theta state which is a very deep state of relaxation. This is a state that we use in hypnosis and in dreaming. In this state the brain waves are slowed to a frequency of 4 to 7 cycles per second. in fact, sages meditated for hours and hours to reach this state, as in it they were able to access absolute calmness. Theta brain waves can be thought of as a subconscious: they govern the part of our mind that is layered between the conscious and the unconscious. They hold memories and sensations. They also govern our attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. They are always creative, inspirational and characterize by a very spiritual sensation. We are taught in Theta Healing how to get ourselves and other people into this state very quickly. Within this state of Consciousness, we go directly up to the creator and bring down the absolute knowledge of life: without limitations, regrets or limiting beliefs. Come explore this wonderful exercise with myself an Advanced DNA Theta healer, Certified Hypnotist and bring in Creators true beliefs on receiving prosperity and money. Please pay on line at PayPal before the class starts to get your promo code to inter the group www.paypal.me/thehealingfrequency/15

Empath Support Group with Rob

The Lotus and The Light Metaphysical Center


Do you ever feel like you're lacking and just not good enough by other people's standards? Do you feel like you are failing at your job, your marriage/relationship, your health or as a parent? Do you struggle with feeling loved or feeling worthy? Welcome to the monthly Emotional Outreach meetup with Rob Within this group we will explore your emotional intelligence by motivating you to make the most out of your life and things to come. We will go into your blocks and struggles to understand why you feel blocked and work on working through those issues. Come to this unique one-of-a-kind transformational and motivational Mastermind circle to align you with the true essence of who YOU really are. As this group is for you, it will be quite intimate and private so space is limited to only 20 participants. Master Healer and Energetic Life Coach Rob Pritchard will be anchoring this group session with his years of study and certifications as well as personal experience in understanding and working with human behavior. Cost: $21.50 prepay or $30 at the door Prepay here: www.paypal.me/thehealingfrequency/21.50 *Please include a note with your name and what class you are paying for


Rob's house

Once a month The Healing Frequency opens up for a free Reiki share that provides Reiki practitioners and Masters the opportunity to share the healing energies of Reiki. This is a great time to join in the community to practice your skills and develop a higher level of energy healing. The more practice channeling, the more profound the experience becomes for ourselves and our clients. Please feel free to join us for this Reiki share. After sharing the gift of Reiki we find it is a beautiful time for all of us to come together and share our experiences in a casual atmosphere. Please feel free to bring snacks. My house is nestled at the end of the cul-de-sac of Lake Brittle. Please park in the cul-de-sac and walk down. This event is open to anyone with Reiki experience or not. We are an inclusive group that loves to teach. Rob

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