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The Healing Frequency is a community of like minded individuals with the intent on learning and growing on the spiritual path.  This group focuses on learning the emotional intelligence you need to get you out of being reactive and being more in flow with the universal energy that is with us at all times.
You can expect events such as unique guided meditations, open Reiki shares, drum circles and classes on manifesting desires and other metaphysically related topics.
I am available for private consultation, healing and workshops. Contact me for more details, your initial phone consultation is free as we map out your vibrations and plan the best course of action from your life.
Other Services available:
-Life Coaching
-Theta Healing
-Access Consciousness
-Bach Flower Consultations
-Tuning Fork Therapy
-Spiritual Coaching
-Rain Drop Therapy
-Motivational Speaking
-Essential oils wellness advocate

Enjoy the group!

Upcoming events (4+)

Mind Body Cohesion Meditation Course Every Monday in May

Needs a location


Have you lost control over your own emotions?
Does your body prevent you from the ease of movement?
Have you bought your own stories and labels that you have assigned to yourself in life?
Are you just tired of always seeing yourself as a victim?
Are you having problems changing old habits?

If so, then this 5 day experientially based program is just for you!!
Each of us created the script of our lives we are living, an intense training model for how our bodies were meant to handle different circumstances. This extensive training that we do to ourselves over our lifetime is like going to the gym over and over again, but we are training our autonomic nervous systems within our body to respond differently to perceived “defeat”. Would you like to recreate how your body responds in your life to your feelings, thoughts, and emotions? Let’s come together for this one of a kind meditation course to hack our thoughts, minds and bodies to allow us the ease of change with learning more about why we are here in the first place. I have designed this course specifically to bridge some of the gaps between Tony Robbins, Dr Joe Dispenza, HeartMath, Theta healing and natural law.

This online course will be held for 5 days on Monday's in February from 7 to 8pm EST. and will build each day in your awareness and meditative skills

For these 5 days of 1-hour intensive restructuring sessions you probably wouldn't be surprised to pay upwards of $250 to $500; but it is very important to me to be able to make this affordable during these times. This flagship offering, you can now get the full 5 days of training for the price of only $53.00
Yes, you herd me correctly this will cover all 5 sessions!

Drop in price $30.00 per session. It is very important that we build on each session. If you are coming in half way through, you will have missed a lot. You will still be able to learn a lot with just one session how ever!

This is brought to you from the creative mind of Master Healer, Hypnotist, Psychic Medium and Life Coach Rob Pritchard. This one of a kind advanced meditation will move you deeper into your understanding of your own personal thoughts, mind, body and emotions.

Have you ever thought: why is my body responding to this event with anxiety, fear and or even panic? In this one of a kind course you will learn how our mind manufactures components in our autonomic nervous system that creates our own reality, by the programs that we have created to keep us safe. You might even be experiencing the feeling and thoughts that these programs our counter intuitive now. So lets break these programs down and learn how to change them with the ease of the winds of fall.

This will be held online and before the first class, after I have received payment on Paypal.com I will forward you the link to attend

Drop in payment for one class, please make payment @

This event will be held for 5 consecutive Mondays in May 2022 with out any discount or refund for missing a session. There will be no recording of this sessions to protect everyone's confidentiality. If you miss a call you have just missed you own experience!

Do you have question about the home loan process (free event)

Needs a location

Do you have question about the Home loan process?

Join me on Sunday Evening @ 6pm on zoom with your questions.

Helping others achieve their dreams is at the base of everything I do!

You may know me as a life coach, Executive coach, Healer,
an internationally trained psychic and medium.

Now you can see a completely different side of me!

I am with Mid-Island Mortgage as a loan officer based out of Fairfax, VA, office. I am licensed in Virginia only but can answer many questions if your looking outside of Virginia.

I am also with Westport Capital group out of Southport NC, where I can offer many different types of financing from lines of create to business loans.

So if your interested in fix and flips, I have a vast amount of knowledge in that arena as well!

The market is changing so, let's talk about how it could help you or hurt you if your not prepared!

I offer a lot of experience from both the banking and brokerage side of the mortgage lending industry, I have the expertise necessary to help you navigate these rapidly changing financial markets. I understands that your needs are unique so my solution must be unequally customized to your specific scenario to achieve your dreams

Prior to joining Mid-Island Mortgage, I was a loan officer for such companies as Annapolis Federal Mortgage, Freedom Mortgage, American Home Mortgage, Access National Mortgage and Black Stone Financial.

I chose to join Mid-Island Mortgage because of its 62 years of direct mortgage lending throughout the East Coast and its comprehensive purchase and refinance loan products lineup that include conventional, FHA, VA, USDA and renovation mortgages. Mid-Island also offers in-house processing, underwriting and servicing. This provide me with the ability to quickly and seamlessly close on every client’s mortgage and provide a one-stop-shop level of hands-on service.

Robert Thomas Pritchard Jr.
Loan Officer
NMLS ID[masked]
Email: [masked]
3701 Pender Drive, Suite 110
Fairfax, Virginia 22030
NMLS ID[masked]https://mortgagecorp.com/robert-pritchard/

if you have commercial interest check my out @

once you have registered I will send you a copy of the link Saturday morning!

Meditation skill building ---via zoom

Needs a location

Having Problems Meditating?
Need to learn more about Meditation?
Need to take your meditation to a deeper level?

These days Life is extremely fast-paced, and people are over-stimulated, over-scheduled, and over-committed. This can cause stress. It was recently discovered that over 80% of all doctors’ visits are due to stress-related complaints, and often, stress is due to us simply being out-of-balance.
Not surprisingly, taking a break can actually improve your health: physically, emotionally, and mentally. One way to take a break is to meditate.
Meditation is the perfect way to unplug, unwind, and take a break—and it only takes a few minutes a day. Meditation can actually improve physical and mental health, relationships, and the ability to make better choices. Want to learn more about meditation? Join me in strengthening and learning how to meditate more effectively.
Meditation can also help you on path of self-discovery and healing.
This class will be free for all those that sign up, I just want to help you achieve the skill to meditate more frequently and effectively.
after signing up, I will send you the link to join in!

During these times Donations are always welcome

Wednesday night online Meditation

Needs a location

Wednesday night Free Meditation series from The Healing Frequency Via Zoom

Relax * Rejuvenate * Rebalance with Gratitude

These days life is extremely fast-paced, and people are over stimulated, over scheduled, and over-committed. This can cause stress. It was recently discovered that over 80% of all doctors’ visits are due to stress- related complaints, and often, stress is due to us simply being out of balance.
Meditation has proven to be a great tool for stress and re-energizing. Taking a break with us to meditate. You may just improve your health: physically, emotionally, and mentally. Meditation is the perfect way to unplug, unwind, and take a break, it only takes a few minutes a day. Join myself to strengthen and learn how to meditate more effectively. Meditation can also help you on your path of self-discovery. All of my meditation are hypnosis infused to help you reach a deeper level of meditation while building your neuroplasticity to help you reach these states on your own.
Rob Pritchard the CEO and Owner of the Healing Frequency in Warrenton, VA while he takes you on a guided meditation for relaxation, rejuvenation while rebalancing you with Gratitude. Rob works as a Professional Psychic, Spiritual Medium, Master Healer, Certified Life Coach and Hypnotist. Rob studied mediumship at the Arthur Findlay college in the UK and has been mentored by some of the best. Rob has taught and performed internationally with Energy Healing as well a Psychic Mediumship.

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Access Bars ® Practitioner Certification in person

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