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The Healing Frequency is a community of like minded individuals with the intent on learning and growing on the spiritual path. This group focuses on learning the emotional intelligence you need to get you out of being reactive and being more in flow with the universal energy that is with us at all times.

You can expect events such as unique guided meditations, open Reiki shares, drum circles and classes on manifesting desires and other metaphysically related topics.

I am available for private consultation, healing and workshops. Contact me for more details, your initial phone consultation is free as we map out your vibrations and plan the best course of action fro your life.

Other Services available:

-Life Coaching

-Theta Healing


-Access Consciousness

-Bach Flower Consultations

-Tuning Fork Therapy

-Spiritual Coaching

-Rain Drop Therapy

-Motivational Speaking

-Essential oils wellness advocate

Enjoy the group!


Upcoming events (5+)

Facebook Live with Rob and Uma

Facebook Live

Join Rob, Master Healer and the owner of the Healing Frequency and Uma, Master Teacher and the owner of Lotus Wellness Center in a FREE FB Live video to discuss a spiritual topic each month. The topic of May: Indigos, Crystals and Rainbow Children of the Future There is also time included for participants to ask any questions or for assistance with tough issues. Oh yea, and it's FREE!

EFT Level 1 Training @ Lotus Wellness Center

Lotus Wellness Center


EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques – Mary Phelan Level One – Working with Self and Personal Growth The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has been around for so long for one simple reason - it works. EFT is a safe (even with children), fast and simple 'tapping' method that stimulates the natural acupressure points to eliminate blockages in the energy field. These blockages contribute to emotional, mental and physical pain. Learning EFT is useful whether you are a healer, counselor, coach or even to assist yourself, friends and family! Why study EFT in person? Because it's not only about the “how to's”, it's about seeing it in action, about experiencing it and having an experienced instructor to show you the nuances of how it works with real people, real issues and real results. CLASS OBJECTIVES: - The Theory behind EFT - The "Basic Recipe" - Conducting an EFT session with Self – where to start and how to get there - Identifying core issues in yourself and others - Gentle Techniques - Testing results - Working with Cravings - Understanding the different aspects of Phobias and Anxiety - Working with Personal Issues - Demonstrations - Plus more! Because you will have the opportunity to use EFT on your personal issues, many people have had powerfully positive transformations during this workshop. You will walk away with the tools to change your life in many ways. Join Mary as she delivers this valuable information in easy to understand terms in an environment of support and growth. Cost: $125 ***Prepay to hold your spot!*** Mary Phelan Mary Phelan is the co-host of the popular television show, Telepathic TV and host of Inner Wisdom Radio. She is well known as an EFT Practitioner and Trainer, Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Intuitive Reader and Medium, Seichim Master Teacher, Hypnotherapist, Ordained Minister and Creator of the Mapping your Dreams Series guide to Dreamwork. She is the author and illustrator of the Inner Wisdom Cards, Spirit Animal Cards, Chakra Affirmation Cards and Mary’s Magical Message Cards. She holds trainings and workshops in her unique and groundbreaking techniques of Dream Interpretation, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Seichim, Intuitive Remote View, Tarot, her popular Psychic Development Series and others. She offers private sessions via FaceTime, phone and Skype. For more information, visit www.telepathictv.com.

Earthing Workshop with Chris @ Lotus Wellness Center

Lotus Wellness Center-NEW LOCATION


The Earth's surface acts as a conductor, constantly receiving and distributing energy to all its inhabitants. For a millennia, most of humanity was one with this natural connection. Walking barefoot across the land and sleeping close to the Earth our bodies were continually linked to this massive energy field and balanced. Now, thanks to modern living, we have become increasingly separated from the earth and its many natural energies. From tennis shoes to supermarkets, asphalts to plastics, nearly each step we take is on a foundation that is not conductive. Couple this with man-made electromagnetic fields we are increasingly disconnected from the Earth. Many of us can go days to weeks without actually touching the Earth with our bare feet. This class will cover the basics of Grounding/Earthing to include the how’s, why’s, and potential medical benefits. After the lecture portion, we will grab multi-meters and various earthing equipment commonly available to measure our current voltage and determine if the grounding equipment actually works. (If you have your own earthing equipment feel free to bring it along to verify it works). Students will come away with an understanding of the basic philosophy and science behind “Earthing” as well as instruction on how to measure the voltage of their body with a multi-meter, how to measure the voltage in their home, and measure the effectiveness of their personal earthing equipment. Cost: $25 Instructor: Chris Gates is a graduate of the United States Military Academy and Army Veteran. He is a well known Information Security professional and has spoken at over 50 security conferences around the world. Chris is also a Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapy practitioner and certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer. Chris approaches spirituality and metaphysics like he does his security work. Learning as much as he can about the topic, studying to identify undocumented or less known functionality to do “interesting things”, using that knowledge to improve his life and others, and finally documenting and sharing the information with others. In the absence of scientific “proof” he seeks personal experience with the topic.

Meditation: Empower & Energize Yourself -with Rob Pritchard

Lotus Wellness Center


Meditation: Empower and Energize Yourself for the Week Meditation at Lotus Wellness Center Come on out and get empowered and energized for the week. I am bring my My Father God/ Mother earth Meditation back to Lotus on June 19. This meditation was designed to help you to bridge the gap between father God and mother earth while having them enjoined in your heart center to connect yourself to all that is. This is my unique journey between two worlds leading you back to an anointing within yourself. We will work thru all of your chakras; while clearing, cleansing and balancing them. This Meditation is infused with Hypnosis techniques and guidance. So if you have ever wanted to try hypnosis but have not wanted to pay the money, this meditation is for you! If you have always had problem meditating; have found that your mind wonders too much or you think that you cannot meditate....... then this meditating is for you! Come on out and join me. Whether you are a novice or have been meditating for years this experience will get you to where you want to go. We will start with a short Q&A on Meditation followed by this unique meditation that allows you to reach the theta state an more. As this Meditate is for all levels. I will be using guided meditation along with hypnosis and Theta healing techniques to insure you an experience to remember. Cost: $20.00 To Stay up to date with everything that we have going on visit us @ www.Thehealingfrequency.net/ (http://www.thehealingfrequency.net/) or on face book @ the healing frequency

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