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The Lotus and the Light is a holistic wellness and spirit based group in Manassas, VA. We offer an array of classes and workshops in Reiki, Angel classes, Shaman training, Psychic development, Meditation and Yoga.

Uma also offers a Mentorship program for the newly Awakened and Budding Intuitives and a wide array of classes in metaphysical topics. Come join this fun and light hearted group as we grow together spiritually and in friendship!

Our meetings occur in Lotus Wellness Center LLC, a studio offering holistic services such as past life regression, hypnosis, Access Bars, intuitive readings and massage, reiki and reflexology. We also offer beginner hatha yoga classes and reiki classes and attunements. If you are interested in these services, see our website www.lotuswellnesscenter.net.

Our classes vary from the light non committal classes for spiritual growth and self actualization to the more serious ones for certification and to aid your career as a healer. We have a range of classes from free to ones with cost so just find the one right for you and jump in! It is time to explore your inner healer!

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Prophecy and Seership-Uncovering the Truth

Lotus Signature Massage School

Join Uma in this riveting FREE talk and discussion on the elements of true prophecy and seership! In this one hour event, we will discuss: - Different forms of spirit communication -What classifies as prophecy -What classifies as seership -How to tell the difference -How to tell if you are having prophecy or you are a seer -Tips from Uma, a well seasoned seer and prophetess. NO COST! Donations are graciously accepted. About the Facilitator: Uma Alexandra Beepat is the owner of Lotus Wellness Center and a worldwide well known Spiritual Teacher, Psychic and Medium. Uma has been a Sensitive Intuitive since childhood and beyond, but has professionally worked in this arena for 10 years. Uma has worked on close to 10,000 clients and have much experience in the field of metaphysics, spirituality and psychic development. To learn more about Uma, visit: www.umalotusflower.com To learn more about her center, visit: www.lotuswellnesscenter.net

Basic Astrology 101

Lotus Wellness Center


This Introductory course is for the newbie, or if you are wanting to only understand yourself on deeper levels through the Art and Science of Astrology. In this 2-hour interactive/lecture course, set for a small group of 8 people, you will begin to deconstruct the layers of astrology starting with a brief history and knowledge of the Artistic Science and the esoteric meanings behind the planets and the signs that they rule. Bring a copy of your Natal Chart! This is a two-part course. Shaun Hawkins is a Spiritual Wellness Advisor and Astrologer, studying the Metaphysics and the Occult Sciences for over 12 years. She has Certifications in Integrated Energy Therapy and Usui Riyoho Reiki Levels I, II, & III through Uma Alexandra Beephat. Shaun has a degree in Psychology and 12 years of experience in Human Services. Cost: $45 2-hours 8-people maximum Prepay: www.paypal.me/missshaun8

Private Seance Circle with Uma

Lotus Wellness Center LLC


Join Uma in this intimate gathering for spirit communication with your loved ones! If you have seen Uma in her monthly mediumship demonstrations, you may have hoped for a private experience with Uma to received your own messages from loved ones. Now you can! In this one of a kind meetup, each participant will get to experience the Spirit side of life as Uma channels messages from your loved ones. EVERYONE gets a reading! This meetup is limited to only 6 participants so sign up and prepay to hold your spot! Cost: $45 by paypal: www.paypal.me/lotuswellnesscenter/45 Once your payment is received, your spot is guaranteed! xo Uma

Roots & Branches - A Singing Bowl meditation with Jason!

Lotus Signature Massage School

Roots And Branches - Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation with Jason! Date – July 21st,[masked]:00am - 1:00pm Place – Lotus Wellness Center Length of session – 2 Hours Price - $25/person prepaid, $35/person at the door – I take cash, credit, and Paypal. For prepays, you can use this link: https://paypal.me/greenstar806 – Put the name and date of the class/ session in the 'Note” area Suspension exercises have a long and storied tradition around the world, from Odin hanging on the Worldtree for nine days, to Native American Sundance rituals, and Russian shamanic initiation rituals. Metaphorically, the initiate undertaking the trial is stretched between the Earth and the heavens, both physically and spiritually, and they usually gain fantastic insight, but these sorts of trials are physically very dangerous. It is the contrast between the Earthly and the Heavenly that opens the self to new ideas, concepts, and energies, so this particular meditation exercise is designed to safely mimic a suspension exercise without the health hazards. Firstly, by 'grounding' you to the Earth and to your body by using a crystal singing bowl and a visualization to more fully open your root or base chakra you are connected to and reminded of the Earthly realm, firmly 'seating' yourself on the bedrock of safety the planet itself provides our species. Then a different crystal bowl and another visualization are used to open your crown chakra, opening your mind and spirit to the endless possibilities of the infinite universe around and within us. By reaching into the infinite with your feet planted firmly on the earth, you learn to manifest more of these possibilities into your life and spiritual practices. Come to this meditation session with Jason as your guide, and stretch yourself! What to bring: a pillow and/or a yoga mat, if you're so inclined, as we'll be sitting on the floor (I highly recommend using the floor if at all possible, as I prefer not to have people falling out of their chairs!), water or other drinks of your preference, and dress comfortably! About the speaker: Jason Knepper has been walking on the metaphysical side of life for more than 20 years, is the on-staff astrologer for Lotus Wellness, a Reiki Master, Tuning Forks practitioner, Access Consciousness practitioner, and has tried his hand at anything that has caught his fancy in all that time. He finds that helping others to expand their worlds is one of the most satisfying experiences in life.

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