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Learn the Metaphysical Properties and Mystic Lore of Healing Crystals
For thousands of years, ancient civilizations have utilized the power of crystals to release mental, physical and spiritual blockages, thus facilitating the free flow of energy throughout the body. Want to learn which crystal is right for you? In this Meetup we will take a simple Crystal Quiz for your intuitive self to identify crystals that may be optimal for you. What you will discover: - Take a look, touch and hold many crystals, and take note of which ones you linger on or vibrate in your palm. - Learn the healing principles of many popular stones used with chakra energy healing. - Understand the general benefits of different crystals for prosperity, health, relationships, and their healing properties. - Identify the stones you feel most attracted to. - Create your own beginner crystal healing set to take home - And much, much more.. Learn the meaning of each stone you choose and where you might find the crystals you may want for yourself and your life! CREATE YOUR OWN BEGINNER CRYSTAL SET! Each participant will pick and choose their own crystals, learn how to clear them, and re-set them with intention and affirmations. Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Red Agate, Tiger’s Eye, and Onyx. Can also be used in conjunction with a chakra wand. Each spiritual healing stone has a specific color and psychic vibration, emitting positive energy to attune and cleanse your aura. Feel free to bring your own crystals for "Show and Tell"! RSVP Today! Pay at the door $25.00 cash, check, or credit card Early Bird Special! Pay online for discounted price of only $20.00 Regina A. Luffey Regina helps women develop their Spiritual Intuitive Gifts so they can easily access higher realms of Consciousness using simple Divination Tools for guidance and direction to create a life they love full of Prosperity, Happiness, and Success. Regina has been a natural mystic and empath all her life and has been able to detect the energy of people, places, and things since the age of 9. She has developed her own intuitive gifts and healing modalities while studying with many Spiritual Healers, Coaches, Authors, and Speakers to include Uma Alexandra Beepat, Psychic Medium, Author, and Owner of The Lotus and the Light Wellness Center in Manassas Virginia. Regina now practices as a Teacher and Mystic at Journey's Holistic Therapy Group in Charlotte Hall, MD and The Lotus Wellness Center, Manassas VA. DISCLAIMER: Concepts and strategies shared in this and any email communication from Regina Luffey or the Beginner Spiritual Development Circle are ideas that have worked for members of her community, holistic practitioners, health and wellness coaches, mentors, students, mediums, psychics, and friends. All content is for informational purposes only. Always use your own judgment and get the advice of professionals before partaking in any practice or exercise for your own spiritual health and wellbeing.

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The Lotus and the Light is a holistic wellness and spirit based group in Manassas, VA. We offer an array of classes and workshops in Reiki, Angel classes, Shaman training, Psychic development, Meditation and Yoga.

Uma also offers a Mentorship program for the newly Awakened and Budding Intuitives and a wide array of classes in metaphysical topics. Come join this fun and light hearted group as we grow together spiritually and in friendship!

Our meetings occur in Lotus Wellness Center LLC, a studio offering holistic services such as past life regression, hypnosis, Access Bars, intuitive readings and massage, reiki and reflexology. We also offer beginner hatha yoga classes and reiki classes and attunements. If you are interested in these services, see our website

Our classes vary from the light non committal classes for spiritual growth and self actualization to the more serious ones for certification and to aid your career as a healer. We have a range of classes from free to ones with cost so just find the one right for you and jump in! It is time to explore your inner healer!

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