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What we’re about

Our teacher Leslie, is a visionary artist , energy healer and painter of The Divine Feminine. As a Creativity Coach, she has been called to gather the woman, and create a tribe of light workers to creatively express themselves in all areas of their life and work. We as women have a creative purpose and utilizing our consciousness together can change the world, even if it starts with ourselves. Teaching Intentional Creativity Methods we encourage you to kindle the fire and invite transformation on your path of becoming. 

We are Munay Ki students continuing our great work from the teachings of Erika Graiff. We are grateful to be called to our great work, each one of us with our various gifts that we offer you as we light up the path.

The Luminous Way is continuing the great work from Becoming a Luminous Women path. Finding a sacred space within to just be, allowing your sacred journey to come alive, and fill the world with love. Here we listen to our inner place of guidance. A place that enables all women to live with honor and grace. This circle allows women to find other luminous beings to share wisdom and light. We are interested in healing and energy work, creativity and living a life fully expressed. Our paths unique, yet connected. Come, create, share, grow the Luminous. Allow us to keep you company on your Luminous Way! Namaste'