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A Course in Miracles and Beyond (Embracing nondual oriented teachings)
Hi All.. This is an awesome group with some truly clear teachers where there is an abidance from which they speak and share. I love it so much that I am sharing their meetup here. So, if interested.. the only way to attend and get the location is to join their meetup here From my point of view.. it is not only ACIM as the dialogue moves in directions that arise from the moment. They are open to all nondual oriented sharings and love Ramana Maharshi, Gangaji, Eli, and other nondual oriented teachers (& Buddhism oriented) as well.... You will be directed to contact them via phone in order to attend. Trust me.. it is worth connecting with them.. they just want the group to have an open, loving, feel to it where every one is receptive to one another. We come together to clarify and strengthen true ideas. Everyone brings and receives endless gifts when we gather in the miraculous. This group offers alignment for lightness and ease to transfer into all our relationships at home and world-wide. It's a privilege to meet in this way!

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The Open Way Nonduality Meditation Oneness Beyond - California

with Cory Bright & Visiting Teachers

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Are we really the identity Are we really the identity, image or story adopted & presented to us or are we beyond any conditioned notion of who we think we are?

Beyond story or any image of “self”… we are spaciousness. We can Relax & Enjoy as

Open Awareness that Knows no Boundary

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