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Hi All! THE OPEN WAY is not A COURSE IN MIRACLES (ACIM) yet honors, embraces and loves the sharing that is true in it. We do not soley subscribe to it's expression and you can certainly love THE OPEN WAY and not have interest in ACIM. But we did want to bring this to the awareness of our members for those that , perhaps do have a love and interest in the "course". Again.... You do not have to be interested in the "Course" in order to love THE OPEN WAY as we have our own unique expression of what is true as well. Yet there is a common denominator that runs through all true paths even if some of the particulars are expressed differently. Also, I want to give our Miami members a gathering in their area. If you have an affinity for the course or even not, this group is so outstanding and supportive and open that you are certain to feel the love, openness and even have shifts in awareness. We are looking to offer more gatherings with varied expressions of what is true in ALL of SOUTH FLORIDA, that resonate or at least overlap THE OPEN WAY sharings which will include THE OPEN WAY's gatherings as well....all with that common thread of course that is never compromised as truth. Yes!! We embrace all sharings that are nurturing, open, loving, supportive, allowing of other expressions and yet you need only embrace THE OPEN WAY's core sharings if that is what you choose! You can read our meetup homepage to refresh awareness of what THE OPEN WAY is and/or go to ( still unedited, in construction with a more added and a more balanced matrix to come) and look at the navigation buttons fro some more detail on who we are and what we embrace. I DO FEEL THAT ONCE YOU ATTEND YOU WILL COME BACK OVER AND OVER AGAIN!! THAT IS ONE REASON WE EMBRACE IT. GREAT PEOPLE, LOVE AND SHARING THAT TRANCENDS EVEN THE DOGMA AND LANGUAGING OF THE TEACHING. THAT IS THE VALUE OF BEING AT A LIVE GATHERING. GIVE US FEEDBACK IF YOU WANT THIS TYPE OR OTHER GATHERINGS IN YOUR AREA AS WELL!! SO.... BELOW IS AN INVITATION TO ATTEND THIS GATHERING WITH FUTURE GATHERINGS TO BE SCHEDULED ON OUR CALENDAR. SOUTH FLORIDA A COURSE IN MIRACLES GATHERING......... This group clarifies what might have mysitified in an open, loving forum. The group energy and sharing alone nurtures the soul and clarifies the heart of awareness. Well facilitated, usually about 20, sometimes more show even from outside of the meetup group as well. You will feel , blessed, relaxed and loved. I look forward to seeing you ALL there. No one is exempt!! Blessings Be Free Mike & Cory

Unity On The Bay

411 NE 21st St · Miami, FL

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Free Your Mind - The Open Way - GATHERINGS NEAR YOU - (ALL 3 COUNTIES OF SOUTH FLORIDA - "AND" MARIN , SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA- CALIFORNIA It is called nonduality-oneness and is the core of all spirituality including Zen, Buddhism, meditation and what is true in all "religion"and Manfiesting Reality!! See flyers below and more below that...

Look See NOW! It is what we already are. Actually obvious and self verifying. There will be a meditation (silent, guided or Reiki), a dvd/cd/book, and a heartfelt inquiry/satsang in a warm, allowing, meditative atmosphere

In this open way, a reorientation naturally heightens perception, openness, awareness and enhances ability to manifest reality if that is what you choose. Teaches that you are already free awareness !!

We will see things that we identify with like the false "I" (me) thought and see that who were are in truth has no boundaries!! We will draw from many teachers and see how easy it is to be "aware" easily and see and be the truth, free from suffering into our natural state of being. We are beingness/awareness. Knowing this, all that arises in life becomes enjoyable. We are present, even to apparant suffering with compassion.

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