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Harvest Your Abundance Now with the Angels and Fairies
Abundance is your divine birthright. Are you claiming what is rightfully yours? The Angels & Fairies want to help you claim your abundance, including love, joy, money, opportunities & more. Join Courtney Long for: Harvest Your Abundance Now With the Fairies and Angels Class and Magical Meditation Claim Your Divine Inheritance of Abundance, Love, and Joy Through Guided Meditation with Rainbow Light Energy Activations With Courtney Long, MSW, LC, CHt, ATP® Angel Communicator, Fairy Expert, Life Purpose Intuitive, Author, Speaker, Certified Hypnotherapist, and Masters Level Social Worker As a caring person, being rich is your responsibility. The more abundance you experience, the more you can share. You are meant to give from an overflowing cup! In the Meditation, Connect with the Fairies and Angels to: * Open the floodgates of abundance as you claim your divine inheritance * Manifest abundance now in a lighthearted, magical way (tired of pushing, struggling or trying too hard?) * Enjoy an abundance of love, joy, money, opportunities to help others, adventure, and whatever your heart desires * Release old limitations, fears, self-doubt, and ancient subconscious blocks to abundance * Receive inspiring insights and divine guidance for your life purpose and prosperity * Raise your vibration through high-vibe energy infusions of crystalline, rainbow light Thursday, November 15,[masked]:30-8:30pm At Storm Wisdom 3375 E. Shea Blvd, Suite A-1, Phoenix, AZ, 85028 Energy Exchange = $25 Pre-Registration or $30 at the door Pre-Register to secure your spot at:

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Storm Wisdom

3375 E Shea Blvd. · Phoenix, AZ

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What we're about

The Spiritual Development Group was created to meet your growing spiritual needs as well as providing wisdom and insights on how to have the most amazing life you've ever had. Our meetups include class instruction, discussions, hands on healing, energy meditations, Shamanic Breathing, ascension practice, workshops and many guest speakers. Come remember what you need to ascend your spirit, raise your consciousness and live a life of pure joy, fulfillment and love.

Come to share your stories, feel higher dimensional energies, or just come to learn and grow. Topics like; how to create powerful relationships, how to become more financially abundant, how to ascend your soul, what is heaven, what are soul contracts and what does yours say, how to create your psychic connection to attract positive situations into your life, what's the purpose of life , how to heal yourself and others, contacting Your Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, and so much more!

We discuss many topics from a universal perspective and give you steps on how to implement them into your physical lives! With so many different topics to choose from, we know you'll be happy you joined.

We have many spiritual teachers, masters and practitioners within our Spiritual Development Group waiting to assist you.

We also do many energy healings, nature hikes, and energy meditations! Our ability to anchor in higher dimensional energies for meditations is incredible and truly a wonderful experience.

Most of our meetups are in classroom format with high energies, great participation, and lots of FUN FUN FUN! You can pick and choose which topics interest you.

IT IS ALSO A GREAT SOCIAL SCENE to meet new friends and share your experiences. There are lots of wonderful people to meet and socialize with.

We hope to meet you soon!

About The Spiritual Development Group:

We created the Spritual Development Group to have many gifted teachers and masters come together and form a loving group to share their gifts with other like minded people. Our teachers include a multitude of gifted psychics, mediums, channels, sound healers, spiritual teachers, professional lecturers, energy healers, Reiki trainers, life coaches, financial coaches, relationships coaches, special guests, etc. Many of us, through psychic gifts, mediumship, or channeling, work with high light beings such as Angels, Ascended Masters, ArchAngels, and other high beings of the Light. Many of us have the unique ability to bring in higher dimensional energies for energy meditations to help cleanse and heal your body, mind, and soul. This is NOT your average run of the mill normal energies.

Besides our many energy meditations we provide, our lectures, seminars and workshops are very informative, exciting, and can be life changing.

Topics our practitioners usually talk about are: (but not limited to)

-What is your life purpose
-How you can find your passions
-How can you find your soul mate
-How you can be joyful
-What are you here to accomplish in this physical life
-What were your past lives like
-What do you need to let go of in order to live in the present moment
-What type of blocks do you have which are hindering you from fulfilling your dreams
-Help you understand why you're not getting everything you want in life
-How can you overcome anything you've been struggling with right now
-What does your future look like
-How you can create a better relationship with loved ones, family members, or friends
-What actions steps you can take to improve your life

And so so much more.

Please email the organizer if you have any questions

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