What we're about

Thessaloniki.Net MeetUp is a group for anyone interested in .NET programming and programming in general. Focused on but not limited to people who are currently or were in the past employed as developers, so we can discuss things about our profession. All skills levels are welcome. Students too, of course.We hope this will become a nice party and organise lots of events.

Our Goals and Philosophy:

We are a group of people involved in programming - as professionals or as students or even amateurs, and we are interested in .NET technologies (desktop, web, cloud, etc.), all relevant programming languages ​​(c #, vb.net, f# etc.) and all related tools (Visual Studio, Xamarin etc.). Our goal is to better understand the wide range of .NET technologies through socialization and pleasant company. The aim for all of us is to learn, not only through presentations or workshops but also through small or larger projects. The team members are willing to share their experience and knowledge and help each other on a team or individual level. The Thessaloniki .Net meetup is extroverted and tries to establish connections with other groups of developers operating in our area (whether related with .Net or not) in order to promote technological and programming culture in our city, for the greater benefit. We are all volunteers and not a representative or official body of Microsoft or any other company. The people involved respect the rules of good behavior and teamwork.

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How BFF pattern can be used to improve security in SPAs


Writing a browser-based application is hard, and when it comes to security, the guidance changes every year. It all started with securing your Ajax calls with cookies until we learned that this is prone to CSRF attacks. Then the IETF made JS-based OAuth official by introducing the Implicit Flow; until we learned how hard it is to protect against XSS, token leakage and the threat of token exfiltration. Seems you cannot win.

In the meantime the IETF realized that Implicit Flow is an anachronism and will deprecate it. So, what’s next?

During the presentation we will demonstrate how BFF (Back end for front end) pattern can be used, among other usages, to simplify and improve the security in modern Singe Page application.

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