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The Tabletop Revolution gaming group is dedicated to growing the hobby of designer board gaming. This includes card games, board games, miniature games and role playing games. In other words, tabletop gaming.

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TTR Friday Night Board Games in Central Falls, RI

Fierlit-Korzen American Legion Post 79

(In the event of cancellation or postponement of this Meetup, it will be posted here.) Note: Since multiple attendees thus far have expressed difficulty in finding the building and/or entrance, this section is being moved to the top of the listing. For general event details unrelated to these issues, move on to the next paragraph. Fierlit-Korzen has a very minimal web presence--it does not readily show up on Google Maps. Please use the 46 Central St., Central Falls, RI address if using a GPS. Most attendees will likely be approaching the venue from Roosevelt Ave., taking a right onto Central St. The venue will be a few buildings down on the left, most visible as the building with the "Michelob Post 79" sign, a little ways after the "Emery's Catering Service" building. Continue past the Post 79 building and into the parking lot, also on the left. Look for the rear entrances. I do not advise parking on the street unless you have need of the chair lift (mentioned below). The building has six entrances: three on the street, a hall side entrance, and two in the back. The entrance we will usually use is the back entrance closest to the fence of the neighboring property. Look for the sign on the door of that entrance for instructions on where to proceed. Never use the hall entrance unless otherwise instructed--if you do, the first person you encounter may not be affiliated with Fierlit-Korzen or Friday Night Board Games and will likely have no idea what you're talking about if you ask. This event has been created, in part, because there is a lack of Friday night strategy game events open to the public in northern Rhode Island. It is the intent of this event to emphasize Euro-style games, but all table-top board gamers are welcome. We would prefer to stay away from more common, commercially available games like chess, Monopoly, and Scrabble. Let us teach you something a little more new and obscure, instead! We'll have some games on hand (see the "files" section in the associated Facebook group for a list of games I have and can potentially bring) and we also encourage attendees to bring anything they wish to play. There is no charge to attend, but donations will be graciously accepted. No one will be turned away for lack of ability to donate. AGE POLICY: Because the venue serves alcohol, only those who are age 21 and older may attend unaccompanied. Those who are between the ages of 12 and 20 may attend if: A. They are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, AND B. They intend to participate in the event by joining in on our board gaming. Those who are age 11 or younger remain prohibited from attending this event. This event will recur about once a month on various Friday evenings (or perhaps even some non-Friday evenings, if there is interest) that are mutually convenient to the event organizer and the venue. Most Friday Night Board Game meetups will take place on the second floor of the venue. Occasionally, we may be in the hall on the ground floor. With advance notice, a chair lift is available to get to the second floor. This may be used by those who are physically challenged (must be able to navigate the first two or three stairs), as well as for bag transport for those bringing more than a couple of games. Follow the signs on the door upon arrival to find out where we'll be set up. For planning purposes, RSVPs are greatly appreciated (but ultimately, not required). We look forward to seeing you there! The next meeting day and time after this one has not yet been determined.

March Game Night at the Ratskeller

German American Cultural Society

Game Night at the GACS Ratskeller! We'll have some tabletop and euro games available and we encourage you to bring your own! This is a monthly event on the 2nd Thursday night of the month.

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March Game Night at the Ratskeller

German American Cultural Society

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