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What we’re about

DO YOU LIKE TO SHOP? Well who doesn’t! It’s unfortunate this economy isn’t very forgiving to our wallets because it also brings us so many deals and bargains. So many sales, so little time…. What if there was a way to have 500 friends tell you which sale to go to? Guess what? THERE IS!, the online lifestyle magazine catering to the bargain savvy New York woman is organizing now a Meetup club for the stylish gal on a budget.

Our online magazine provides its members and readers with un-sponsored bargain news, a constantly updated calendar of sample sales, editorial content, advice on how to put together trendy outfits from items on sale, reviews of well priced restaurants and free cultural events. We have now decided to “kick it up a notch” and expand our online experience to a real one. While we report and review a large number of sample and retail sales, we feel that creating a bargain connoisseur COMMUNITY will empower us all, make us better shoppers, and give us the opportunity to mingle and have fun in the process.