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is becoming acquainted with environment, no matter where one happens to be. Man does not suddenly become aware or infused with wonder; it is something we are born with. No child need be told its secret; he keeps it until the influence of gadgetry and the indifference of teen-age satiation extinguish its intuitive joy."

- Sigurd Olson, Former council member, The Wilderness Society
From the Wilderness Society website (http://wilderness.org/article/famous-quotes)

Discover wilderness as a way to connect to nature, to others and to yourself.

The purpose of this meetup is to build a community of learners that want to explore wilderness. As we go out together, we will share our knowledge and to learn from each other. As our skills and experience grow, so will our opportunities for greater wilderness experiences.

• Every outdoor event posted will have an educational objective in addition to the actual activity.

• Outings will be progressive. That means some outings will be the building blocks (certification) for more difficult outings.

• We will strive seek the "awe" in the wilderness experience.

• We will be open to new challenges and new places beyond what we are already familiar with while understanding that going a little farther, a little higher, a little steeper, leads to greater rewards.

Upcoming events (3)

Santa Fe Screening of the Upcoming Film "Hearts on the Gila"

Center For Contemporary Arts

Journey Down the Gila: Protecting New Mexico's Last Wild River Please join us for a screening of the upcoming film "Hearts on the Gila" by New Mexico filmmaker David Garcia and a discussion with local experts on the ongoing efforts to protect the Gila River through Wild and Scenic designations. A Q&A session with the filmmaker will follow the screening. This six-stop tour is co-sponsored by New Mexico Wild, the Center for Biological Diversity, and Heart of the Gila. Saturday, May 4 at 7:30 p.m. Center for Contemporary Arts 1050 Old Pecos Trail Santa Fe, NM 87505 Run time: 90 minutes General admission: $10 Ticket information here The film focuses on three mothers, four years after losing their teenage children in a plane crash near Silver City. They embark on a thirty-six mile boat journey down the Gila River and into the Gila Wilderness in Southwestern New Mexico. They also travel to Washington, D.C. to meet with Congressional leaders and advocate for Wild and Scenic designations for portions of the Gila River. Learn more about the tour here. http://heartofthegila.org/journey-down-the-gila-protecting-new-mexicos-last-wild-river/ Learn more about the film and view the trailer here. https://www.heartsonthegila.com/ You may also donate to our Gila Wild and Scenic campaign at http://bit.ly/GilaWild. The Gila is the last free-flowing river in New Mexico. Its headwaters rest in the nation's first designated wilderness area. Join us to learn more about what we are doing to keep the Gila wild!

Great Sand Dunes Wilderness | NP | Preserve | 6th Annual Trek

Office Depot (left/SW side), DeVargas Mall

Join us for the 6th annual trek to the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, north of Alamosa. We will meet at 6:00 AM, get coffee and drive to The Great Sand Dunes National Park (approx. arrival 9:00 AM). We will assemble at the visitors center and then drive to the main parking area. From there, we will cross the stream and hike to the High Dune. Hiking barefoot is encouraged. From www.wilderness.net: (http://www.wilderness.net/NWPS/wildView?WID=221) "For century after century, streams, creeks, melting snows, and flash floods brought bits of rock that became sand grains out of the mountains and to the valley floor. When sand lay exposed, southwesterly winds began the slow process of bouncing the grains toward the low curve of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains where they piled up to become the Great Sand Dunes. Reaching heights of 700 feet, these are the tallest dunes in North America, and the sight of them lying at the very foot of the snow-clad peaks over 14,000 feet high can be a bit unsettling at first. This is the only Wilderness defined as a saltbush-greasewood ecosystem, with hardy plants that include blowout grass, Indian rice grass, scurf pea, and prairie sunflower. It's also the only place on Earth where you'll find the Great Sand Dunes tiger beetle and the giant sand treader camel cricket. Kangaroo rats may be seen dancing lightly on the shifting sands, and the night awakens other interesting denizens of the dunes." "The United States Congress designated the Great Sand Dunes Wilderness (map (http://www.wilderness.net/map.cfm?xmin=-11761295.0028&ymin=4536225.1077&xmax=-11743967.0069&ymax=4556628.1244)) in 1976 and it now has a total of 32,643 acres (http://www.wilderness.net/NWPS/acreage?WID=221). All of this wilderness is located in Colorado (http://www.wilderness.net/map.cfm?xmin=-12140042.9307&ymin=4437572.7912&xmax=-11358729.9915&ymax=5012839.5072) and is managed by the National Park Service. The Great Sand Dunes Wilderness is bordered by the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness (http://www.wilderness.net/NWPS/wildView?WID=529) to the east." Once back at the cars, we will drive to Zapata Falls, cool our feet, take in the view of the Sangre de Cristos and drive back to Santa Fe. You must bring: • A day pack. • At least 2 liters of water. • A full lunch. • High energy snack food. • Sun protection: sunglasses, sun screen, hat, light sun blocking clothes. • Both light sandals and a heavier closed-toe shoe that you will find comfortable hiking in sand. • Park entrance fee: $15.00 per vehicle.

Telluride MountainFilm Festival - Memorial Day Weekend 2019

Telluride Conference Center

Join us in volunteering at MountainFilm in Telluride during the Memorial Day weekend 2019. It is an awesome event with awesome people in an awesome location. For volunteering 20 hours of your time over four days, you will receive a Palmyra Pass that allows access to all films and most events - over $375 in value. "Mountainfilm is the single most inspiring event that I attend each year. It is a chance to rub elbows with modern-day heroes, with people who are actually making a difference. A chance to see films that would be lost. A chance to find out what’s really happening in the world and to meet people who are living their dreams." —Ace Kvale, adventure photographer "Established in 1979, Mountainfilm is dedicated to educating, inspiring and motivating audiences about environments, cultures, issues and adventures. Working at the nexus of film-making and action, its flagship program is the legendary Telluride Mountainfilm festival, a one-of-a-kind combination of films, conversations and inspiration." Passes for the 2019 Mountainfilm festival, will be available beginning December 1, 2018. I will let you know when the volunteer applications are available (probably in January) and I will help you fill it out. I am hoping we can go as a small group an enjoy this experience together. We will probably not work the same shifts, but we will be able to plan some times to get together throughout the festival. Please email me if you have any questions. More details coming soon... Click here to visit the MountainFilm website... (https://www.mountainfilm.org/festival)

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