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Magic awaits with the Malliway Bros!
Witches, wizards, sorcerers, warlocks, enchanters, and magic-makers of all kinds will find community and fun at the Witches' Conclave. We offer workshops and rituals focusing on various aspects of witchcraft with an emphasis on being operative and results-oriented. Practitioners of all skill levels are welcome to attend our meetings, whether you're a fresh witchling just starting off or have been working the weird ways of witchcraft for ages. We provide inclusive rituals for the phases of the moon and open celebrations for the witch's sabbats. Our classes focus on a wide spectrum of traditional and operative magic, drawing inspiration from our time in the wilds of England's west country. 
The Conclave often gathers at our witch shop, Malliway Bros, located at 1407 W Morse Avenue, in the bustling Roger's Park neighborhood of Chicago.

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