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What we’re about

This group is for meetups related to accelerating positive change, hosted by our members and happening at Please check our full event schedule here:

We are a non-profit knowledge platform, event and project space and a co-creative community for people who want to support the acceleration of change towards a sustainable way of living. By applying a holistic approach to sustainability and promoting alternative solutions, we spread awareness and promote human connection. 

Today, there exist numerous initiatives for a more sustainable lifestyle, but they stay hidden in niches because they lack a lobby - and people are stuck in their old habits. This is why we host a platform for new ideas and offer events and services which further sustainability, sharing, and collaboration. 

We want to offer serious and sustainable solutions. And we want to make a difference. We are extremely happy to say that the same goes for all of our members. Our co-creative community is an intersection point for Changers of all kind and empowers people to act, using our joint forces.

It's not about what we could do in the past, but what we can do today. We think that this is how tomorrow is made. It is time to take the next step. Join us now.