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Imagine that the Universe is like a Cosmic Kitchen with an Infinite Menu, just waiting to take and fulfill your orders. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to effectively place YOUR orders with the Cosmic Kitchen and use the Law of Attraction to create what you want in your life!

* Discover the eight principles for creating and sustaining your orders.

* Apply them to various facets of your life including career, prosperity, relationships and health

* Understanding and experiencing these principles and practices create powerful shifts towards greater joy, focus and passion.

In this workshop, we will first dive deep into really understanding how our thoughts and emotions play a HUGE role in creating our current reality and lay the foundation for our future. The workshop will allow and empower you to identify and clear the negative impressions that work at the subconscious level in holding you back from achieving your full potential. Then, through simple but powerful tools - meditation, affirmations and visualization – you can create the life you want! Recognizing and addressing our emotions (‘heart’) is an important, but often neglected first step before arriving at what we need to do in making changes in our life (‘head’). Once the ‘heart’ and the ‘head’ are in alignment, then we can smoothly move to what steps we should take to implement and maintain change. (‘hands’).

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Workshop to Learn Tools to Manage Your Mind...Sunday, Aug 2, CHENNAI, 9am-1pm

Dear Meenu, Hope you are well and are having fun! Over the past few months I have been busy with implementing workshops across the world (Nepal, Turkey, South Africa, and of course in Chennai at a prominent college and other venues). The icing on the cake has been the responses of the participants AFTER the workshop. Humbling and energizing! So, it gives me great pleasure to announce my next half-day workshop in Chennai entitled “Polishing Your Internal Mirror” on Sunday, August 2nd. Like most of us, have you regretted saying/doing something because you were provoked? This is because we typically react and not respond. But we can train our minds to respond in a more objective and thoughtful manner rather than just reacting to what the world throws at us. Plus, if we can do this regularly, then imagine the results - WOW! This workshop incorporates teachings from various self-transformational masters (like Louise Hay and Jack Canfield) and Eastern philosophies and practices. I promise you a ZERO PowerPoint engaging session where you will work on your individual challenges using the tools that you will learn. In particular, you will Learn four effective and practical tools to solve your personal challenge Apply them to better handle daily stressful situations at work and at home Get a better understanding of how our mind work Be able to teach these tools to your colleagues and family members The poster below and the attached documents provide more details. Who is this workshop suitable for? • Anyone with an open mind who wants to take control of their lives and solve their challenges through better understanding of how the mind works. • Previous participants of the ‘Cosmic Kitchen’ workshops as we will be covering new materials/tools. When: Sunday, August 2, 9am-1pm Where: Studio 136.1 TTK Road, Alwarpet, Chennai This workshop is in a small group setting and hence seats fill up quickly. So, please do register as quickly as possible. The early bird offer of Rs. 2000 is until July 26th. The fee after July 26th is Rs. 2,500. Do you have a friend, colleague or family member who you think might benefit and enjoy this workshop? Please pass on this email. I can be reached at [masked] or call [masked] for any further information. I look forward to a wonderful interaction. Warm Regards, Sanjay

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