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What we’re about

The purpose of the Texas Liberty Campaign Meetup will provide you with the networking and organizational tools to become actively involved in restoring our Republic as intended by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States through the exercise of all our inherent individual rights as a free people in Texas.

The work of the Campaign for Liberty will take many forms. We will educate our fellow Americans in freedom, sound money, non-interventionism, and free markets. Politically, we'll expand the great work of our precinct leader program. We'll make our presence felt at every level of government, where just a few people with our level of enthusiasm can make a world of difference. We'll keep an eye on Congress and lobby against legislation that threatens us. We'll identify and support political candidates who champion our great ideas!

We will be a permanent presence on the American political landscape. That I promise you. We're not about to let all this good work die. To the contrary, with your help we're going to make it grow by leaps and bounds.

God Bless America!
God Bless Texas!
God Have Mercy on Us All

Disclaimer: This is not an "official" group. Though many of the members were delegates to the Texas State Liberty Convention that adopted the statement of purpose, the outline of the bylaws, much of the platform, and the name, we recognize that we really have very little right to the name "Texas Liberty Campaign." However, we are proud of the name and will seek an official relationship with the Texas Liberty Campaign when that option becomes available.