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Welcome to the Tokens Ottawa Meetup! Join us as we meet to discuss the latest craze in Decentralized Fundraising, the subject of ICOs, STOs etc. Don't miss out on this fundraising method that has raised over $2 BILLION USD in 2017 alone. Find out how to bypass the stock exchanges and bring your fundraising needs directly to the people!

The team behind this meetup is a group of Founders operating out of Ottawa's Bayview Yards, the preeminent Tech Incubator in Eastern Ontario. We've been researching the subject for ourselves since July 2017, and are now going to share our research with all those across Eastern Ontario and beyond! Join us at our first event and learn how ICOs can help you achieve your Funding Goals!

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Joseph Fiscella - Lead Developer for Flo, Open Indx Protocol

Joseph will be revealing the new features in the upcoming 1.0 release of the Open Index Protocol and the current use-cases of the FLO blockchain, including recording 185,000 land rights records for the US state of Wyoming, and recording tens of thousands of electron microscope datasets for Caltech. Discussion topics will be related to the importance of metadata for search, using digital signatures to prove digital content ownership, and the advantages of a permissionless blockchain. Learn more about OIP at openindexprotocol.com.

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