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What we’re about

Hi I live between Japan and Hawaii and am interested in finding and jamming with other uke-sters in Tokyo and/or Chiba. In Tokyo my office in Ebisu is good for a small group-- or - if we get more people-- and the weather is cooperating- there is a great park in Chiba that nobody seems to know about in the Murakami/Yachiyo area. The river is musician friendly, there is tons of room to set up either on the riverside or in the park nearby. Usually we go back to to Chiba on the weekends but it would just depend on whether or not others were interested I`d be good either place. I spend about 4-5 months a year in Japan so I couldn`t be the full-on head honcho of this if it got going- but I`d be happy to be fired immediately once a suitable leader steps up. Lemme know- and keep on strummin`- or pickin`- or just having fun! Domo Aloha Mahalo gozaimasu..