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What we’re about

Welcome to those of you who are former Muslims. The Ex-Muslims of Toronto (EXMTO) is a support group with a focus on building a safe and friendly social community. A security screening is required in order to join and gain access to our private events.

If you've already left behind belief in Islam and would like to meet others who've gone through a similar journey, this group is for you.

We're an online and in-person group. We host private dinners, coffee chats, hiking and activity events, and much much more. We also host a private, members-only online forum and video hangout.

We also plan to host public events for the general public will be able to RSVP to, including believing Muslims with whom we look forward to engaging with in interfaith dialogue.

At their foundation, our values are based on the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

We believe that it is our collective responsibility to disavow racism, homophobia, bigotry (including anti-Muslim bigotry), as well as other forms of discrimination including, but not limited to sexual orientation, gender expression, ethnicity, language, nationality, and creed. We believe in civil liberties equally, for Muslims, ex-Muslims, and non-Muslims.

If you'd like to join but don't have a meetup account with a profile picture, you can schedule a private video screening by emailing us at

More details on joining are available on our website: