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What we’re about

Welcome guys of Toronto who enjoy nudity, nudism, naturism and everything in between. This group exists to help connect guys with nude (and some clothing optional) events where we can make friends, have great conversation and sometimes, party too!

Events may include the following:

  • Naked massage exchange days/nights
  • Naked dance/social events at bars we book out.
  • Naked figure drawing (some may be the model nude but the artists clothed depending on the venue).
  • Naked yoga, or other recreational activities.
  • Naked beach days
  • Other ideas that the group has or that a member of the group is willing to host.

Event costs:

  • Many events will have a cost to them to help us pay for the costs of the Meetup platform, payment to spaces we rent/book, etc. We try to keep events to $5-10 with a few at $15 or $20 in some cases.
  • When events are held in bars, restaurants or public spaces where food or alcohol are served, we appreciate if members of the group can purchase from these establishments so that they continue to allow us back.
  • Sometimes events are in someone's home in which case there may not be a monetary cost, but you will be asked to bring something like snacks, drinks, etc.


  1. Age: All members of the group are expected to be 18+. Events held in bars or clubs are 19+ events.
  2. Inactivity: While we totally understand that you can't make it out to every event, we expect members of the group to attend at least 1 event per year.
  3. Adult Nature: Some events may be sex-positive and some events are not. Be sure to read the description of the event so you can attend the ones that fit within your limitations and/or boundaries. If unsure, you can always ask an admin too.
  4. Behaviour: All members of the group are expected to be kind, courteous, respectful and non-judgemental both online and at events. Those who exhibit disrespect for members, venues, people's homes or anyone else will be removed from the group and no longer invited to future events.
  5. Non-Members: Some events allow for non-members of this group to attend and some do not. Ensure you are clear about it before you sign up.
  6. No-Shows: If you can't make an event, don't RSVP yes. If you must cancel, do it as soon as possible to make space for others. Those who repeatedly no-show will be removed from the group.

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