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What we’re about

Yes, UNDERWATER rugby and hockey!

When you’re underwater there’s ZERO gravity which makes it the best use of a pool's deep end you'll ever experience.

Underwater Rugby
The game can be played strategically, for those who don’t want to be held underwater or as a full-contact sport should you keep possession of the submersible ball.
Because of you're underwater, there are 360 degrees of attack to watch out for!

Cycling up and down with a partner, you each take turns on the surface catching your breath. When under the waves you "fly" down to help your team by sneaking or stealing the ball away.

Think of it as snorkelling with a purpose.
Two opposing teams of 6 players work in tandem to you get the salt water-filled ball into the other team’s net; guarded on the pool's bottom by a goalie.

Totally CO-ED & ALL AGES fun!
Bring a bathing suit & towel, we’ve got the rest.
FREE to Try

**A swim test is required to meet safety and insurance requirements **

Underwater Hockey
The sport was first invented by divers in the 1950s. It is a non-contact sport in which two teams compete in a pool to maneuver a puck across the bottom and into the opposing team’s 3 meter long net. It is played with snorkeling gear and a short stick; different from a regular hockey stick.
Say what, you say? Check it out:
Like UWR, this game is CO-ED & ALL AGES fun! Bring a bathing suit & towel, we’ve got the rest. We welcome players both new and old on our Monday night games!