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This group is for developers who want to learn more about YugabyteDB, an open source, cloud native distributed SQL database that is PostgreSQL compatible.

Want to suggest a topic for a future presentation?

-> YugabyteDB internals
-> YSQL development
-> YCQL development
-> Schema design
-> Database administration
-> Multi-cloud deployments
-> YugabyteDB on Kubernetes
-> Benchmarking
-> JAMstack Development with YugabyteDB
-> GraphQL and YugabyteDB integration
-> Security, compliance and encryption
-> Comparisons: Cassandra, PostgreSQL, TiDB, Oracle, MySQL

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To learn more, visit our website: https://www.yugabyte.com/

Check us out on Github: https://github.com/yugabyte/yugabyte-db

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YugabyteDB YCQL Development Intermediate

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On 1 June 2022 at 9am PT, we are hosting the virtual training "YugabyteDB YCQL Development Intermediate".

Cloud native applications require a distributed database that maintains resiliency and performance at scale. For this reason Yugabyte created YugabyteDB, an open source distributed database that supports both relational and semi-relational data.

Yugabyte Cloud Query Language, or YCQL, is a semi-relational API for YugabyteDB that is compatible with Cassandra Query Language (CQL).

In this intermediate level course, you will learn a query-first approach to data model design for semi-relational data using YCQL. As such, you will discover the benefits of semi-relational data types, user-defined data types, built-in functions, and secondary indexes.

You can attend and register for this free virtual training here: https://university.yugabyte.com/courses/2022-jun-01-yugabytedb-ycql-development-intermediate-virtual

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