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This group is for developers who want to learn more about YugabyteDB, an open source, cloud native distributed SQL database that is PostgreSQL compatible.

Want to suggest a topic for a future presentation?

-> YugabyteDB internals
-> YSQL development
-> YCQL development
-> Schema design
-> Database administration
-> Multi-cloud deployments
-> YugabyteDB on Kubernetes
-> Benchmarking
-> JAMstack Development with YugabyteDB
-> GraphQL and YugabyteDB integration
-> Security, compliance and encryption
-> Comparisons: Cassandra, PostgreSQL, TiDB, Oracle, MySQL

Sign up for the YugabyteDB Community Slack and post your suggestion to the #meetups channel.


To learn more, visit our website: https://www.yugabyte.com/

Check us out on Github: https://github.com/yugabyte/yugabyte-db

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Fuzzy Matching | YugabyteDB Friday Tech Talk

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Our next YugabyteDB Friday Tech Talk (YFTT) takes place on LinkedIn Live, Friday 2nd June at 9:30am PT.

Join Yugabyte Principal Solutions Architect Valerie Parham-Thompson and Co-Founder Karthik Ranganathan as they discuss various methods and relative advantages of doing string lookups, including phonetic or "fuzzy" methods, in YugabyteDB.

We hope you are finding these tech talks useful. If there is a specific topic related to distributed SQL and YugabyteDB that you would like us to cover, please let us know.

You can attend and register for the event here: https://www.linkedin.com/events/7067910561040138240/about/

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Cluster Balancing | YugabyteDB Friday Tech Talk

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