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What we’re about

Ethereum - This is Web 3.0 

We're working on the next level of the internet. Creating financial and contractual relationships that do not require an intermediary. 

Discuss and develop technology approaches using the Ethereum platform.

We will be exploring  technical, financial, and social approaches to implementing the Ethereum protocol to enable new forms of social contracts.

Let's help provide a system such that users can be guaranteed that no matter with which other individuals, systems or organizations they interact, they can do so with absolute confidence. 

A group for developers, entrepreneurs, investors and enthusiasts to learn about Ethereum, smart contracts and Bitcoin 2.0 technologies in general. 

Ethereum is a next-generation crypto platform that allows you to build smart contracts/property, decentralized exchanges, identity and reputation systems on a blockchain. 

Ethereum borrows the concept of decentralized consensus that makes bitcoin so resilient, yet makes it trivial to build on its foundation. To find out more about how Ethereum works, consult the whitepaper. 

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