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I'm Josh, I run Three Pillars Capital. It's a $500M+ multifamily portfolio of Class B & C properties. Most of my acquisitions off-market with little to no competitors.

This is a group for people who are passionate about multifamily investing.

Join me- https://tpcgcap.junipersquare.com/portal/view_lead_capture_form/NTRmZTMwY2MwZTEzYTMzZTIwYWUxMWEzYjE4MjE3NWM2NTc2M2ZlZGdBV1ZEUUFBQUFBQUFBQW9UUlVIVGFVTVRrNkpkSlF1

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Multifamily Investor Inner Circle of GPs and Sponsors Bi-annual Meet

Register by emailing [masked]. See below.

Join a select group of active GPs and sponsors with over $600M in multifamily properties in discussing the state of the market. Learn what it takes in this roller coaster economy to make deals work and deliver a positive return to investors. Three Pillars Capital, led by Gautam Goyal and Josh Welch, has continued acquiring value-add multifamily assets and never looked back with $600M in assets and 150+ employees.

Event Overview
This is an invitation-only full day event where you will join the founders of Three Pillars Capital and other industry experts to uncover what's making deals work even with high interest rates and expenses. This is not open to the public. We will discuss:

- Why some deals work and some don't. What to look for in underwriting and what knobs to turn to get them to work out. We will discuss examples of deals successfully acquired in recent months.
- Debt options in today's economy. CBRE will share what's practical in today's environment.
- Raising capital from high net worth investors and family offices. Three Pillars will talk about what it takes to get an investor to write a check.
- How to counter rising insurance.
- How to fight back on property taxes and get the tax bill lowered.
- Property management- The bread and butter of any successful deal.

Hear from the CEO of Greenline Management on how to execute a business plan successfully and deliver positive financial returns.
You will hear directly from those involved in making these transactions work. It takes a team of trusted folks to make deals successful.

Register by emailing [masked]. We will ask you a few questions and then send out invitations at our discretion.

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