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What we’re about

Welcome To Traaavel-Mates

We're a fun loving, adventurous and sociable Travel enthusiasts group. If you are always just looking for a reason to travel just like us then you are at the right place.

Our aim is to form a group of people who are interested in Traveling be it exotic vacations, weekend trips, treks and attending various other fun events such as BBQs, parties and what not. Whether you're new to outdoor adventure or a seasoned pro,you can join us and share our enthusiasm for the outdoors, trails. So be it beaches, hill stations, historical monuments, or that adventurous ride we will be covering all.

If you will like to take the initiative to organise trips or general meet ups, we will love to have you as a team of Assistant Organizers and Event Hosts. Do mail me on with your intent and planned activity.

General Guidelines which we need to follow being a part of Traaavel- Mates

1. For safety and liability reasons you MUST have a clear PHOTO of yourself on your profile that shows up on the listings.

2. On our trips we always intend to have a healthy gender ratio. And always have a female co-organiser.

3. Respect the other person's view and follow the organiser's guidelines ;)