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What we’re about

New Zealand is far away from everything and produces some of the highest quality products in the world.

This challenge presents the biggest opportunity for New Zealand to be EXCELLENT at communicating value over distance.

From compliance, fraud management, market access (traceability) all the way though to Value Added products, and new product categories (transparency), we all need to collaborate to address a growing global challenge.

How do we create the intimate experience similar to that of a local food/short supply chain?

We know that these short supply chains connect the consumer and the producer in a way that produces such amazing social, economic and ecological outcomes. How do we do this and start to achieve some of the sustainability outcomes we so need.

Can we help the world eat/consumer their way to sustainability?

This sustainability and transparency challenges presents the greatest opportunity for our domestic capability to be oriented to a challenge/ opportunity that would allow us to be the best in the world at THE SOLUTIONS (tech or otherwise) that communicates value over distance.

The problem is global, the capability specialist expertise is local. Let's get collaborating.