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Treasure Valley Social Group:

Movies, Dinners, Trivia, Travel, Theater, Comedy, Karaoke, Book Clubs, Hiking, Sporting, Game Nights, Activities, and More!!

Looking to live life within a bigger story? Our group's heartbeat is to be a group of people desiring to live a bigger story, not lives of quiet resignation!  Great stories are meant to be lived and shared in the company of great friends!

Also a great place to discover new restaurants and new friends!
This group started as a movie fans group, but has grown into so much more!!

This is a place for those who desire to create space for real community, real connection, real friendship!  Fun, adventure, great stories, and simply living out a bigger story with others!

Upon first meeting us you will find we are a warm, fun, accepting, lots of laughing, and a welcoming friendly group.

Maybe you were in this group before?  New organizers, many new faces, and great fun to be had, give us another try!!

We are a diverse group of all ages and walks of life.  There is a place for you no matter your age/current life stage, married or single, in college or further stages of life, or maybe this is your first meet-up group or you are part of several?

All are welcome!!

There are no "visitors" here!

Love movies?
Love dining out with new and old friends and discovering local restaurants?
Love discovering local activities such as trivia, sporting events, concerts, and other fun local events?
Looking to discover new books? Looking for a new fun book club?
Love to discover new places in Idaho, in the greater US and maybe even internationally?
Maybe you're new to Boise or looking to network while dining? Really just need an excuse to get out of the house? 

Our group is about all of these things and MORE!!

Whatever your interests, come out and join us!

Every week we will have a wide variety of activities such as movie outings, trivia, eating at different locations and venues all around the valley.  Eating is mostly dinners but also an occasional breakfast or brunch, sometimes just a food activity and sometimes in sync with another activity.

We do live trivia at local spots in in the area and karaoke often, and sometimes even a game night or bowling. Occasionally we'll do warmer activities like a hike before a meal, e-biking, or volleyball or something as part of dinner events, to spice things up!! We may even try some dinner theater and comedy shows from time to time.

This group is not intended to be a matchmaking group, but if folks find such things, then we are glad to help provide a safe place for it!

Predatory behavior of any kind will result in immediate REMOVAL and BAN from the group.

Ultimately this group is open to everyone!!

We look forward to meeting you :)

 Group RULES: 
-Please be responsible and manage your RSVP to any events.

-Please consider if you will be to an event before RSVP'ing to it. Meaning please try your best to look ahead and consider if you will be available on the event date.
-We know planning ahead can be hard but if you consistently RSVP and then keep dropping from events, you may get removed or a warning from us.

-There will usually be an option to be able to bring at least a +1 if desired, depending on the event.

-If you are in the group and haven't at least RSVP'd to an event or even visited the group in 6 months, there is a chance you will be dropped from the group.

-When you RSVP, please check to see if you are on the active "going" list or the "waitlist" and keep your RSVP updated for EITHER list if other plans come up so spots are freed up for others.

-This is especially necessary for when we have reservations for a certain number of people. We don't want to come into a venue with the expectation of a big group, and come in with less than that number.
-We use the comments section, emails and DM's to communicate, please keep an eye out for them.

-In short, please just be a responsible adult. :)

-If an event fills up, and you are added to a waitlist, please keep a close eye on it because the waitlists often clear out fast and add folks to the going list, especially in the last few days before an event.

-If you NO-SHOW more than once, you will be dropped from the group.

-Dropping out of an event “going” list on the day of event can be considered a NO-SHOW based on circumstances.

-Predatory behavior of any kind will result in immediate REMOVAL and BAN from the group.

Again, a very warm welcome and we look forward to meeting you and seeing you at events in the near future!!

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Adelmann Mine Hike!!

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Volleyball at DeMeyer Park!!!

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