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Do you feel stranded in a concrete jungle of a city? Do you miss nature? Do you crave for adventure? Do you enjoy active holidays more than lazy hotel resorts on a beach? If you answer YES to any of those questions you’ve just found a right place and the right company :) In search of possibilities to spend time outside the city, we created this space for all like-minded people who would like to join us, and since adventure in a group is always more fun, help us make our own holidays a more amazing experience! We don’t mind missing a night out in clubs to get up at 4 am in the morning to go hiking. We enjoy carrying our rucksack rather than a Gucci bag and prefer swapping Louboutin stilettos for hiking shoes. And finally – we prefer walking a few kilometeres uphill than cruising along Sheikh Zayed Road in an air conditioned Porsche (well, most of the times anyway).

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The Forgotten Kingdom | Cycling the Lagoons of Sri Lanka

Dubai Airport

Lush green jungles of Sri Lanka still holds many unrevealed secrets. Among them, perhaps the most remarkable are forgotten stone cities, buried by voracious and unstoppable nature. Capitols of ancient kingdoms with their intriguing tales of revenge, murder and foreign invasions, giving glimpses of a vast cultural heritage, remain yet to be fully discovered. This time we take you on an adventure, that would make Dr. Jones jelly and perhaps bit anxious too, as he would have to swap his horse for a bike! :) Our cycling journey starts at the city of Negombo with its own rich history and thriving markets, through lagoons of lush jungle and mangrove forests, and eventually to the royal remains of Dambadeniya atop rock towers buried in green vines. Surely one of the best cycling expeditions for a short weekend! The forgotten Kingdom of Dambadeniya is rich with stories of distant kings, hidden palaces atop rock tower fortresses, and fortifications protecting gardens, relics and frescos, that are still mostly untouched and undiscovered, compared to more popular ancient kingdoms of Sri Lanka! In the mid-13th Century, King Vjayabahu III established his capital in Dambadeniya, for the first time in the long history of the island. On the summit of the Dambadeniya rock lies a fortification of sturdy walls and gates, secured by moats, marsh and ramparts, and capped by the royal palace. The era marked an important period in the Sri Lankan history and its heritage, beyond mere buildings, paintings or literature. You will find here a very obvious resemblance to Sigiriya - world famous Lion Rock, the difference being in size, and the fact that this one is practically unknown! Negombo lagoon, only a short distance from Colombo it is one of the most scenic landmarks of Sri Lanka, and filled with hundreds of species of birds among lush mangroves, was formed where the Ma Oya river meets the Indian Ocean, and known for its thriving fish auctions and industry of cinnamon, ceramics and brass. The city is also rich in Portuguese and Dutch influence with a canal which flows through, and is still used to this day by outrigger canoes and modern watercraft, trading and transporting the goods of the day. Remains of colonization include the Dutch fort built in 1672, centuries-old Portuguese and Dutch houses, administrative buildings and churches with frescoed ceilings. Get ready for a weekend full of adventure, exotic beaches, history, archaeology and the purest nature. All this wrapped in the intense green of the jungle! Day 0 // Thursday // Departure to Colombo Departure from Dubai Airport at 23:20, immigration, check in to our beach resort. Day 1 // Friday // Cycling the Lagoons After short rest we’ll start our cycling journey with discovery of Negombo - to Muthurajawela wetland sanctuary for a quick boat trip with the soothing sounds of birds and nature, to replenish your energy before lunch. Continue through villages, lagoons and fish markets before return to hotel in the afternoon for beach time, dinner and rest. Cycling distance: 30km. Day 2 // Saturday // Hidden Rock We start the day with fishermen boat trip that will show us how to catch shrimps. With this knowledge, but after breakfast, we will head to Dambadeniya with stop at fruit vendors for refreshment before the climb to mini-Sigiriya with spectacular views and no tourists in sight! After descent, cycle back to hotel to freshen up and spend some time relaxing at the beach. Cycling distance: 42 kms. After some rest, we will invite you to one of top Sri Lanka’s restaurants before the airport transfer. Back home 5:30 AM Sunday morning. Grade: Easy - depending on fitness level. Activities: Leisure cycling, sightseeing, boating. Cost: 2680 AED all incl. flights Room & Meals: Beach resort and meals included. Sneak peak: http://www.meetup.com/trekkup/photos/26281323/#[masked]https://vimeo.com/230556292 See yah at Dambadeniya x Piotr[masked] / [masked]

Green Postcards | Weekend in Kazbegi, Georgia

Airport Terminal 2, Departure

The time has come for light and juicy treks in the beautiful surroundings of Kazbegi, township known as Stepancminda - a small, picturesque settlement at the feet of Mt. Kazbek, located at an altitude of 1750 masl at the banks of river Terek. This is a great place not only to taste Georgian produce - khinkali or all-time favorite khachapuri, but also a great starting point for exploring the surrounding valleys, with a view for dormant, majestic volcano in the background. The town is located only a few kilometers from the Russian border and, in addition to farming and tourism, also serves as a transit town. It is famous for its marvelous terrain that looks like it came straight out of the movie "The Sound of Music". Imagine, lush green fields as far as the eyes can see covering a whole mountain range. From here, we will take a 6-kilometer trail to famous Gergeti Temple, named after Holy Trinity (14th century). The church is located on the top of the hill at 2170 masl against the backdrop of the Queen of the Caucasus - Mount Kazbek (5047 masl), which makes this view popular for Georgian postcards. If the weather is fine, we can also catch a glimpse of glacier called Mkinvarcveri. We will jump on the bikes and ride spectacular Truso Valley and visit Mtshketa – Georgian oldest capitol. Truso Valley is a 22 kilometer flat road that passes through the Kasari canyon, the abandoned village of Ketrisi, passes two monasteries and reaches as far as the Zakagori Fortress and the border with Ossetia. Monks live in monasteries throughout the year - there is a male and female monastery here, but in winter both Truso and Juta are cut off from the world until the road is passable. The road across Truso valley begins inconspicuously, you can even doubt if it is certainly such an interesting place, towards the end of the gorge when Truso valley opens its arms, the views are breathtaking. Blue ribbon of a river, natural pools with mineral springs surrounded by incredibly juicy greenery will steals everyone’s heart here. The road is pleasantly long, many places tempt to sit down for a small picnic. Just remember that curious donkeys can visit you and try to grab anything they find! Along the way, we will also pass a lot of cows and horses that keep their social distance, however big dogs will certainly come to say hello and check if we have some food left to share. DAY 1 We will begin an extraordinary journey to the mountainous region of Mtskheta-Mtianeti through the Georgian Military Highway, which is the main passage between the Southern and Northern Caucasus. We will visit Ananuri, a 17th-century architectural complex, with a wonderful view of the Zhinvali reservoir, in which we will not hesitate to swim. Arrival in Stepantsminda known as Kazbegi, hike to Gergeti monastery. Overnight in guesthouse. DAY 2 Today we will get on our bikes and explore the serenity of Truso valley. After lunch we will head to Mtshketa, yet another picturesque township, that served as capitol of Georgia, at the confluence of rivers Mtkvari and Aragvi. In the evening dinner in Tbilisi and night flight to Dubai. Cost: 2830 AED all incl. flights. Activities: trekking, cycling, sightseeing, swimming. Duration: weekend Accommodation & meals: included - guesthouse (double sharing rooms), local foods, picnic lunch. Visas: UAE residence visa holders receive visa on arrival. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_policy_of_Georgia Any cost related to visas is not included in the trip budget. It is a strict responsibility of participant to assure the admission to the country of destination. Trekkup can not be hold responsible for any information discrepancy or consecutive visa refusal. See yah in Kazbegi! Piotr [masked] / [masked]

Cherry Blossom Valleys | Gilgit + Hunza Valley, Northern Pakistan

Home to some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in the world, colorful cities and thriving markets, Pakistan is opening to the world, charming us with untouched nature at the confluence of 3 mountain ranges. This season we invite you to join us on a trip to Hunza, part of Karakoram, and experience the striking beauty of the snow peak mountains, glacier lakes and at the same time complete with us all of 8 stans! Hunza is situated at an elevation of 2,438 meters in the northernmost Pakistan, bordering with the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan and the Xinjiang region of China. Introduction to Hunza valley: https://youtu.be/0xgHU4hOZgI Our clip from last years trip to Swat valley: https://vimeo.com/333377067 We will start this amazing journey in Islamabad and fly north to Gilgit, into the stunningly spectacular scenery until we will find ourselves far north from Kashmir, close to Pamir Range. On our day hikes we will reach glacier lake and will pass across the remote villages without access to civilization for several months in the winter. Our main consideration as always is trip safety, so you can leave this part to us. All areas we will visit are safe. Lets go! DAY 0 DEPARTURE FROM ABU DHABI Meeting at 15.30 for flight to Islamabad at 17.00. DAY 1 ISLAMABAD - GILGIT - HUNZA VALLEY Arrival in the morning, immigration procedure and domestic flight. Drive on Karakorum highway, one of the 8th wonders of the world. Walk across the village and cherry farms, check a spectacular view point overlooking the valley. Dinner and overnight at local guesthouse. DAY 02 ATTABAD LAKE - GULMIT - PASSAU After breakfast drive to Gojal Valley via Pak China friendship tunnel, boating in the heart of Karakoram at Attabad Lake. Short drive to Gulmit visit old house & music school. Lunch at Gulmit & drive to Hussaini visit the hanging bridge of Hussaini Gojal visit the local houses. Enjoy local food at local house with local people. Drive to Passu valley. Drive back to Hunza dinner & overnight in local guesthouse. DAY 03 BALTIT - DUIKER After breakfast visit 700 years old Baltit fort and drive to even older, Altit Fort. Lunch at Khabasi café, run by the women of Hunza, visit the female carpenters & drive to Duiker for aerial view of Hunza valley & Golden Peak 7027m. Enjoy the blossom sunset. Overnight in local guesthouse. DAY 04 ISLAMABAD Morning flight to Islamabad, sightseeing and dinner at famous Monal overlooking the city. Evening flight back to AUH, arrival 01.45am on Tuesday morning. Activities: trekking, boating, sightseeing. Encounter of forgotten Hunza culture. Grade: Easy, available for everyone. Accommodation and meals: local guesthouses, meals included. Cost: 4230 AED all inclusive 4 flights from. Specifically excluded: visa, insurance, entry fees - if any, extras such as water. Visa, cost or visa management is not a subject of Trekkup scope, it is at sole responsibility of participant. Documents available for confirmed RSVPs. Evisa not recommended. See yah in Pakistan! xx Piotr [masked] / [masked]

Grand Canyon & Mysterious Lakes | Weekend in Kazakhstan

Airport Terminal 3

Welcome to Kazakhstan! 9th largest world country is filled with diverse nature, steppes and mountains, which makes it difficult for us to choose its best locations. The most representative to the whole region are Tien Shan Mountains, massive mountain range that runs all throughout stans, all the way to China. What is remarkable here is the gorgeous Alpine landscape with forest, valleys and snowy peaks. We will travel North to Kolsay Lakes to experience its tranquility and stretch our knees over some wonderful trails nearby, before we hit the Gorge called Grand Canyon, known for its stunning similarity to its bigger brother. DAY 1 / Thursday Meeting at Dubai Terminal 3 in the evening for a direct flight to Almaty. DAY 2 / Friday Arrival to Almaty. Customs & immigration procedures. Transfer to the Kolsay lakes. Kolsay Lakes area is one of the most beautiful examples of Kazakhstan nature, known as the pearl of Northern Tien Shan. The lakes are located 1800, 2250 and 2700 meters above sea level. Kolsay is a perfect place for camps, trekking and mountain biking. The lower and the middle lakes are filled with playing trout at sunsets. The Upper Kolsay is located 4 km further and 600 meters higher than the second lake, while Kyrgyzstan border is 6 kilometres away from the lake. There is a great view here of the Kyrgyz Lake Issyk-Kul from the Sary-Bulak pass (3278 masl). If you visit the place, you will never forget its beauty, quietness and tranquillity surrounding it. When the water is perfectly calm, it reflects the sky and the fascinating mountainous scenery. We will do 2 treks today: along Kolsay (1hr) and Kayindy (2hrs) lakes, enjoying crystal clear, natural beauty at its best. After lunch, we move further on to Kaindy. You can optionally do horse riding at the village. Lake Kaiyndy is a mysterious place in a piedmont area 1800 meters above sea level, surrounded by a spruce forest and mountain peaks. Kaiyndy in Kazakh means "birch". The paradox is that the Kaiyndy Lake is surrounded by a magnificent pine forests. The explanation is simple: the biggest birch grove on the entire Tien Shan is in the gorge below the lake, which gave its name to the gorge, river and lake. The reservoir was created after tectonic collapse as a result of the catastrophic earthquake in early twentieth century. Day 3 / Saturday Charyn Canyon is an astonishing natural monument comprising of rock, sediments, pillars and towers from around 12 million years ago. It is one of the unique natural objects, where the erosion process played the artist and sculpted the fragile sedimentary rocks in the artwork. The canyon is often compared to the North American Grand Canyon. Gorge is located in the Charyn national park created to preserve its natural and geological objects, a home to a large number of rare and endangered species of animals. We will have a chance to trek inside the Canyon to see it from various angles. We will reach locations called: Napoleon, Austrian viewpoint, Lunar Canyon, Stone Shelf and Panoramic view of Valley of Castles. Further on we will go back to Almaty, enjoy dinner in local restaurant and take well deserved rest before flight back home. Day 4 / Sunday Early morning flight back to Dubai, you ll be back at 07.25am. Level of difficulty: easy Activities: trekking, sightseeing, optional horse riding. Cost approx. 2900 AED all including flights. Accomm. & meals: included - accommodation in local house and hotel, local meals. Specifically excluded: Any costs related to visas, insurance, optional horse riding. Visa: most of nationalities can get visa on arrival. Details available for confirmed RSVPs. Requirement: daypack, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, trekking shoes, camera, sleeping bag liner, warm clothes. See yah in Kazakhstan !! xx Piotr

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