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Do you feel stranded in a concrete jungle of a city? Do you miss nature? Do you crave for adventure? Do you enjoy active holidays more than lazy hotel resorts on a beach? If you answer YES to any of those questions you’ve just found a right place and the right company :) In search of possibilities to spend time outside the city, we created this space for all like-minded people who would like to join us, and since adventure in a group is always more fun, help us make our own holidays a more amazing experience! We don’t mind missing a night out in clubs to get up at 4 am in the morning to go hiking. We enjoy carrying our rucksack rather than a Gucci bag and prefer swapping Louboutin stilettos for hiking shoes. And finally – we prefer walking a few kilometeres uphill than cruising along Sheikh Zayed Road in an air conditioned Porsche (well, most of the times anyway).

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See yah soon!! xx

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Sweet Home Alabania | Trekking Across Albanian Alps ( SEASON CLOSING )

On the Balkan Peninsula in southern Europe, Albania borders the Adriatic Sea along its entire east coast and the northeast coast of the Ionian Sea. The country shares its borders with numerous countries such as Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece or Kosovo. Its mild coastal climate, wild landscapes and long-unexplored cultural wealth have contributed to Albania's popularity in recent years. Albania is also known as 'the last secret of Europe'. An unknown destination that little by little has been opening up to the world and whose inhabitants are delighted to receive with open arms. Despite being a small country, its variety of landscapes is formidable: mountains, lakes that go into neighboring countries, the beaches of the Adriatic that are almost virgin along the coastline and the inland cities invite travelers to a beautiful journey back in time.

In the Dinaric Alps, we will walk through the isolated valleys of Theth and Valbona, a region never conquered by its invaders discovering remote mountains and valleys, in a multicultural area inhabited by Albanians and Slavs. We will experience the traditional life and the true hospitality of its people. In addition to going up and down mountains, you can also explore its interior with the various speleological excursions that show the treasures of the most incredible caves and grottos in Albania, a clear example of this is the Blue Eye (Syri Kalter) a magical spring of water that hypnotizes.

We have designed a 5-day itinerary that takes in the highlights of Albania’s historical and cultural heritage, including: UNESCO World Heritage sites; Ancient Greek and Roman ruins; key Communist locations; fascinating historical towns; medieval castles; picturesque villages; Orthodox churches and Muslim mosques. This trip is also a great opportunity to sample Albania’s varied regional cuisines, meet local people and enjoy Albania’s incredible scenery!!

Lets go!!

Day 1
Meeting at 07.30 am at Terminal 3 for a direct flight to Tirana, immigration formalities, lunch. After a short break in hotel we will start a tour in Tirana. We should have enough time to visit: Skenderbeg Square, Clock Tower, Art Gallery, Bridge of Tabakve, Church, Et'hem Bej Mosque, Pyramid, Block Area, and Bunk art. In the evening we will check local nightlife.

Day 2
Wake up in the morning and enjoy breakfast made of fresh local produce. We will start our journey about 2 hours and take a boat to paradise River of Shala where we will enjoy gorgeous ambience until we reach Valbona, visit spectacular Xhema Lake and village.

Day 3
Today we will start with Old Mill of Valbona and take minibus from village to start of Valbona - Theth pass. We will take a break at waterfall and later in the afternoon arrive to Theth. Short walk around will the village will finish this lovely day.

Day 4
Today we plan to visit Blue eye of Theth, we ll take a minibus and hike for about 2 hours until we reach this spectacular place. Further on we continue to stone groves of Nderlysa, Grunas canyon, also church of Theth.

Day 5
We will visit waterfall of Grunasit in Theth and take minibus to back to Tirana. Afternoon flight at 14:30 will take us back to Dubai, 10pm arrival T3.

Level: Moderate, available for fit beginners.

Activities: trekking (up to 8hrs), swimming, boating sightseeing.

Duration: 5 days

Accommodation & meals: 4 star hotels and guesthouses on the trek. Most meals included, except meals in restaurants.

Approx. cost: 4320 AED incl. flights.

Specifically excluded: visas, PCR tests for return, restaurant meals.

PCR: There is no requirement for PCR to enter Albania. Return test has been incorporated in trip program.

All other details available for RSVPs.

See yah in Albania xx

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Sun-Kissed Islands | Mykonos + Santorini, Greece (SEASON CLOSING)

The Greek Islands do not need much introduction, it is one of the most visited and famous places in the world without exception. The Greek islands have a special light. The light of the Mediterranean that slides down the stone and floods the environment with a magical aura, almost from another world, especially at sunset, when the sea engulfs the sun and there is silence. The Greek Islands are the symbol of history and the legacy of an ancient Mediterranean culture, witness to the civilization that defined the values and modus vivendi that we know today as the West.

The country host more than 3000 islands, but only 227 are inhabited. All very different from each other, some have wide and extensive sandy beaches, and other small bays with secret coves to enjoy the sea. The most famous are: Santorini, Mykonos and Crete.

Mykonos, It is the best known Greek island in the Aegean Sea, for many the most cosmopolitan. It is related to energy and attracts a diverse and exclusive crowd that grows in its nightlife in style. The beaches are undoubtedly one of the most important attractions that the island has, its nightlife lives in continuous party. Its picturesque white houses with brightly painted wooden doors, windows and balconies create a very warm atmosphere.

Santorini, which belongs to the Cyclades Archipelago, is one of the most visited islands in Greece. Famous for its colors, from the immaculate white of its houses, the blue of the sky, the red of its sunsets, added to the black of its sand Due to the volcanic foundations from which it overlooks the sea. The capital of Fira, with its imposing views over the caldera, all the way to Oia, probably one of the most photographed places in the world. Its white houses, perched on the cliff, small alleys with surprising corners, blue domes of churches dotting the scene - who has not ever dreamed of being there? Lets go!!

DAY 1 // Wednesday Arrival to Mykonos
Meeting at airport at 9am for a direct flight at 11.15. Immigration procedure, drop the bags and check the city tour on feet. We will finish the day in sunset view restaurant and perhaps see what's happening in nearby Queen Bar.

DAY 2 // Thursday Delos + Rhenia
Today we start the day with the boat cruise to DELOS - sacred island of Apollo and Artemis, UNESCO Heritage site. In the evening discovery of city center nightlife; getting familiar with names such as Moni, Sunset 108, Void.

DAY 3 // Friday Mykonos Island hoping
It time to discover south of the island! We will set the sails and explore the exclusive beaches of Mykonos on a sailing yacht with onboard buffet with Greek flavors and complimentary bar. We will end up the day on the south of the island, where we will add Cavo Paradiso to add our vocabulary.

DAY 4 // Saturday Santorini
Today we move to Santorini on a ferry. Upon arrival we will drop the bags to hotel and hit the famous white and blue streets, following the cobblestone trails towards the Hollywood sunset. Overnight in hotel.

Day 5 // Sunday Santorini + Departure
Last view on the island and souvenir shopping, followed by lunch and transfer to airport. Back home at 10pm.

Activities: Boating, island hopping, swimming, sightseeing, clubbing.

Accommodation & meals: Double sharing, private villa with infinity pool in Mykonos + hotel in Santorini. Meals excluded due to variety.

Approx. cost: 6350 AED incl. flights.

Specifically excluded: Any cost related to visas, PCR, meals other than breakfasts, entry fees if any.

See yah in Mykonos xx

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Red Velvet | Grape Harvest Season in Georgia SEP 23 - CONFIRMED

Airport Terminal 2, Departure

If the mountains are the crown of Georgia's magnificent landscape, Kachetia is the shining heart. Known almost exclusively from vineyards and wineries, this wide and fertile valley cuts into the snowy Dagestan Caucasus from the north and Azerbaijan wetlands from the south.

Georgia is undoubtedly the birthplace of grape cultivation. Nowhere else in the world is the evidence is reaching such ancient times. Grape seeds found in the Caucasian tombs are over 7,000 years. There are over 500 native grape varieties in Georgia, far more than anywhere else! Most of them are still completely unknown to the rest of the world and only here you can try extremely unique varieties with a wide range of subtle differences in taste.

On this trip Georgia will reveal to us its quintessence. We will indulge in the beautiful landscapes of the Caucasus, taste wonderful Georgian cuisine, right at its birth place. It will be a great opportunity to experience an adventure in the country of famous toasts and hospitable people.


Rtveli is a traditional vintage and rural harvest in Georgia. We will take a part in it by helping a local family, plantation owners. Expect some festivities, distinctive Georgian traditions that are still alive. In the evening Georgian family harvest dinner.


Today we will hit the trail alongside the river into old, green forest. After passing several bridges and fresh water springs, we will reach gorgeous waterfall where we can take a dip. Hike usually takes total of 5 hrs.

Signagi, founded in the 18th century, is today called the Georgian city of love, aspiring to the name of local Carcassonne or little Toscany. Charmingly situated at an altitude of 790 meters above sea level and renovated in recent years, became famous for 24-hour Civil Registry Office. The city lives almost exclusively from grape production, tourism and carpet weaving. Our destination will be famous Monastery of Bodbe and biggest grape factory. In the afternoon we will have free time to enjoy spectacular panorama of Kachetia, magic cobblestone streets of the old town or take ride in old soviet car - Lada. You can continue local produce tasting at famous Pheasant’s Tears or take a walk along ancient city wall of 2.5km. Late in the evening we will leave back to Tbilisi and further on to airport for return flight home.

3250 AED all inclusive flights until Aug 01.

Sightseeing, trekking, taking part in Rtveli – Gerogian traditional harvest

Long Weekend with Thursday Off

Accommodation & meals:
Included - guesthouse (double sharing rooms), local foods, packed lunch.

UAE residence visa holders receive visa on arrival.

Any cost related to visas is not included in the trip budget. It is a strict responsibility of participant to assure the admission to the country of destination. Trekkup can not be hold responsible for any information discrepancy or consecutive visa refusal.

See yah at the harvest!

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By the Rivers of Babylon | Long weekend in Erbil, Kurdistan (CONFIRMED)

Dubai Airport Departures Terminal 2


Erbil, capitol and largest city of Iraqi Kurdistan, never fails to amaze! Super rich with its ancient heritage, this middle eastern gem is located 350 km from Baghdad on a stretch of fertile lands between Greater and Lesser Zab rivers. Despite the troubled neighborhood, Kurdistan remained calm and safe oasis, with unprecedented growth over last couple of years - you ll find a bustling, modern city behind the ancient buildings. While there is a plenty to see in the city, we will take time to visit the surrounded mountains and villages for some of breath-taking sceneries, local culture and Kurdish traditions.

Meeting at DXB for an afternoon flight to Erbil. Arrival, immigration procedure. Quick look at city lights followed by dinner with shisha overlooking the bustling bazaar, overnight in the hotel.

In the morning Covid test, and city sightseeing - start with Citadel and bazaar, continue to Minaret Park and Antiq Qala, overnight in the hotel.

In the morning we will take a drive to mountains, passing two spectacular waterfalls on our way. In the afternoon we will arrive to Rawandoz village and its famous canyon, often quoted as one of the most beautiful spots in Asia. We will take a short hike towards sunset, explore the area and nearby village. Overnight in local hotel.

Today we will head back to Erbil passing Ishanader Cave and picturesque Rezan. Flight back to Dubai at 20.00.

Activities: sightseeing, trekking.

Accommodation & meals: all included: hotels (double sharing rooms), local foods.

Requirement: daypack, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, camera.

Approx. cost: 3450 AED all inclusive of flights (cash payment during briefings only).

Excluded: COVID testing costs (arrangements secured), insurance.

Visas: EU, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, UAE, Kuwait passports - visa free entry. Other passports - ask us about visa availability.

See yah in Erbil!

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