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Do you feel stranded in a concrete jungle of a city? Do you miss nature? Do you crave for adventure? Do you enjoy active holidays more than lazy hotel resorts on a beach? If you answer YES to any of those questions you’ve just found a right place and the right company :) In search of possibilities to spend time outside the city, we created this space for all like-minded people who would like to join us, and since adventure in a group is always more fun, help us make our own holidays a more amazing experience! We don’t mind missing a night out in clubs to get up at 4 am in the morning to go hiking. We enjoy carrying our rucksack rather than a Gucci bag and prefer swapping Louboutin stilettos for hiking shoes. And finally – we prefer walking a few kilometeres uphill than cruising along Sheikh Zayed Road in an air conditioned Porsche (well, most of the times anyway).

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White & Wild (JAN 16) | Northern Lights and Santa Claus of Rovaniemi, Finland

Dubai Airport Departures Terminal 2

Welcome to Lapland - the land of snow, northern lights and Santa Claus. When we grew up we learnt Santa did not exist, but a small part of us is yearning for that adventure although not real still magical. You are invited to immerse yourself in one of the wonders of nature, Aurora Borealis, which is visible in Finnish Lapland more than 200 nights a year. Add to this days packed full of sled dog touring, snowmobile drive and reindeers across white magical forest during polar night. You are one with nature and the snow adorned playground is all yours to explore! Aurora Borealis known as Northern Lights is actually a chemical phenomenon as the result of collisions between gaseous particles in the Earth's atmosphere with charged particles released from the sun's atmosphere. Variations in colour are due to the type of gas particles that are colliding. The most common auroral color, a pale yellowish-green, is produced by oxygen molecules located about 60 miles above the earth. Call it swirling or dancing ribbons of light, one thing for sure - it stands out as top of life time experiences for anyone that had a chance to see it. Statistically, the Northern Lights can be seen on every other night, or even on three out of four nights, during the season in Finnish Lapland, however as every other element of nature can not be guaranteed, we will however pursue it as long as it is only possible! Rovaniemi is finish capitol of Lapland, moreover it is claimed as a home for Santa Claus, meaning exactly where old man reads the letters and decides who gets what under the tree ;)) Let go!! DAY 1 / JAN 16 Meeting at Dubai Terminal 2 at 15.30 for a flight to Helsinki 17.10. Arrival, immigration procedure, transfer to hotel and overnight. DAY 2 / JAN 17 Early morning flight to Capitol of Lapland - Rovaniemi. Upon arrival we are taken up north directly to our lodge in the middle of white wilderness. Once settled, we meet the dogs, learn how to drive a sled and then head off for a thrilling dash through the white magical forest. You will also have the chance to sit down with the guides and have an informative talk while enjoying hot juice and cookies. Once back to our lodge, its time to set up cameras for the light dance show that can appear at anytime here! You can watch it far from light pollution but directly from your comfy cabin. DAY 3 / JAN 18 Today we will check if everyone has brought their driving license, cause its a time to hop on snow mobiles! We will enjoy the beautiful wintery scenery, during the way making several stops to admire snowy nature. Once we reach reindeer farm we will get on reindeer sleigh ride, followed by lunch and free time to visit Santa Claus Office and meet Santa on your own. We warm ourselves up in the Lappish tepee called “kota”, where hot Lappish berry juice and cookies will be served. DAY 4 / JAN 19 Today we ll spend a bit of time in Rovaniemi, capitol of Finnish Lapland. There are several reasons why it can not be missed. Amongst many of them we will be able to walk across the Arctic Circle here. The Arctic Circle is a circle of latitude that runs 66°33′45.9″ north of the Equator. It marks the southernmost latitude where the sun can stay continuously below or above the horizon for 24 hours – these phenomena are known as the Midnight Sun in the summer and the Polar Night in the winter. In the evening we say good bye to white craze and fly back home. Arrival 07.25 AM on Monday JAN 20th. Grade: Easy, available for everyone. Activity: Husky dog sledging, snow mobile drive, reindeer farm and visit Santa Claus HQ. Sightseeing and getting amazed with Northern Lights !! Accommodation: 2 nights in comfortable cabin in a wild, 1 night in hotel. Cost approx. 6350 AED all incl. international and domestic flights, accommodation and activities as mentioned. Scandinavia is one hell of expensive place... Specifically excluded: Schengen visa, meals, insurance. See yah at Arctic Circle! Piotr

Danakil Depression, Epiphany + Tigray Churches | Bucket List of Ethiopia

Ethiopia - country of nature wonders kaleidoscope, offers countless spectacular locations, making a very difficult choice for anyone planning a visit. This time of the year allows us to tick 3 bucket boxes at once. We will witness the epiphany, religious celebration making whole cities wear white and celebrate on the streets, Danakil Depression with lava lake of Erta Ale and hidden deep in the high cliffs, hundreds year old rock chewn Tigray churches. This trip is a true Ethiopian overdose! https://vimeo.com/254796824 https://vimeo.com/257364344 https://vimeo.com/293805878 Danakil, known also as Afar Depression is one of the hottest and the lowest places in the world. With an average temperature of 34C, day and night, this is the harshest microclimate of Ethiopia. Located at the meeting point of 3 tectonic plates, some of the greatest geological pressures on earth, the Danakil Depression is extremely active and scattered with a large number of volcanoes, including the Erta Ale Volcano, while the landscape is covered with lava flows almost everywhere you go. Lake Asale is a former bay that used to be a part of Red Sea. When water evaporated, it now consists of a vast surface salt deposit, which for several thousands of years been a source of wealth for the Ethiopian rulers, as the Afar mined and traded the salt, transporting it on their camels over distances of hundreds and sometimes thousands of kilometers. Tigray Rock chewn churches - Hidden deep in the cliffs of Tigray, secret temples are rarely included on tourists maps. There are about 34 of them, so you could spend weeks of great holidays in this area and still not discover everything. All of them are different to each other – some have outstanding architecture, some have unusual decoration inside, another ones are built inspired by the stories, however all of them carry the hidden compartments in the basement where Holy books where kept safe to sustain eventual invasions. Let go! DAY 1 // JAN 18 // MEKELE Meeting at Dubai Terminal 1 at 02.30 for a flight at 04.25 to Addis and further to Mekele. Arrival and check in to hotel, check in, visit vibrant Epiphany wells and market. In the evening local restaurant. Overnight in hotel. DAY 2 // JAN 19 // EPIPHANY + ERTA ALE Start in early morning with Epiphany celebration on the streets. https://vimeo.com/254796824 Shortly after drive to Kusrewad where we arrange our logistics and the dromedaries to ascend for those who wish to ride. In early evening, we start simple night hike to Erta Ale. It takes 3 hours to trek and climb to Erta Ale volcano, where we will stay overnight on the top of the mountain. Erta Ale is 613 meters high, with a lava lake at the summit, one of very few in the world. It is the longest existing lava lake, present since 20th century. You can feel this Mother Nature deadliest phenomena at your feet, where you will cross the rim and enter the smoking hot lava lake, at night, just a step away. Overnight at the summit. DAY 3 // JAN 20 // ERTA ALE + LAKE AFTERA In the morning last look at the lava lake, this time in day light and decent to the camp. Drive to salt Lake Afera and swim in salt waters and a hot spring. Overnight at the camp. DAY 4 // JAN 21 // DALLOL SPRINGS + LAKE ASAL + CAMEL CARAVANS Dallol Spring located 116 meter below sea level is one of the lowest places in the world, but what surprises the most, it is actually a cinder cone volcano. On a more or less flat surface we will discover endless sulfuric hot springs, discharging rainbow colored brine or acidic liquid in a bubbling rhythm. This nature phenomenon is called phreatic eruption and you can learn more about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phreatic_eruption We will continue drive around and visit potassium lakes nearby and few faults in salt surface, proving that salt flat is in fact a massive salt deposit on the top of the lake. Salt desert has several points lying more than 100m below sea level, we will continue our drive through Afar salt flats, where salt is still extracted using ancestral techniques such as salt bars, which once were used as local currency. We will follow up dromedary caravans and walk with the Afar and people from highland. In the afternoon, we reach the shores of salt lake for spectacular sunset over a white mirror surface. Return to Mekele, overnight in Mekele hotel Day 5 // JAN 22// Tigray Churches We will start with the legendary Abuna Yemata Guh climb to discover this extremely unique cave church and its keeper, located at vertical cliff of 250 mtrs. Basic climbing here with harness plus open edges will make it memorable experience for everyone. Further after lunch, we will visit remarkable Mariam and Daniel Korkor. If time allows Dugem Selassie. Level of difficulty: easy to moderate, available for beginners. Erta Ale climb of 613 mtr can be done on camel back. Abuna Yemata hike includes basic climbing with harness. Activities: Striking sightseeing, trekking, close encounters of lava fields. Duration: 5 days. Accommodation & meals: hotels and camps. Meals included. Requirements: available for confirmed RSVPs Cost: 7,100 AED all inclusive 4 flights from Dubai Visas: Most of nationalities are entitled for evisa. It is sole responsibility of participant to secure admission of the country of destination. RSVP: You have to include your email address and Whastapp number while joining the trip, to send you trip manual. Empty RSVPs are considered not valid and will be removed. See yah in Depression! Piotr[masked] // [masked]

Cubalicious (JAN 24) | Journey Across Cuba

Dubai Airport

Stepped in revolution history, salsa and sun. Cuba is a truly magnificent island. Havana boats arresting architecture, unparalleled culture and dynamic nightlife, while further afield you’ll find sugar – sand beaches, time – warped colonial towns and superb trekking through palm – studded mountains and valleys. Trekkup is dedicated to providing you with an authentic and unforgettable Cuba experience. You will get an unrivalled access to local people from all walks of life while you experience an island that simply has so much to offer. Our tours are focused on introducing you to the Cuba that is seen by locals’ eyes. You will spend time immersing yourself in Cuban culture, stay in casa particulares, eat home food and support the Cuban people through your responsible tourism. Here we go!! DAY 0 / 24 JAN DEPARTURE Meeting at 17.30 in Dubai Terminal 1 for a flight to Havana, DAY 1 / 25 JAN HAVANA Arrival around noon time, transfer our accommodation in the city. During lunch we will do the briefing for the whole trip and further proceed to the city for the orientation tour. DAY 2 / 26 JAN HAVANA Today you will really get to know Havana, and the heart of Havana is its Old Town. No doubt you re itching to take a ride in one of those classic cars that parade through the streets of the city. This iconic method of transportation is synonymous with Cuba, and it sure gives your legs a rest! You’ll be whisked out of Old Havana and will clearly be able to see the contrast with the newer parts of central Havana and the faded grandeur of Miramar. We will also take you past the Colon Cemetery, Revolution Square and the once affluent Miramar district. We wil end up this spectacular afternoon at Hotel Nacional in Havana Vedado for a Malecon sunset with Mojito in your hand. But its not the end of the day yet! Tonight we will have some free time to make the most of Havana’s lively nightlife. DAY 3 / 27 JAN LAS TERRAZAS DAY 4 / 28 JAN Cienfuegos via Bay of Pigs DAY 5 / 29 JAN TRINIDAD DAY 6 / 30 JAN TRINIDAD DAY 7 / 31 JAN RETURN TO HAVANA VIA SANTA CLARA DAY 8 / 01 FEB DEPARTURE HOME Departure flight is at 14.35, You ll be back home on FEB 02 at 18.10 with a lifetime memories!! CONTACT US FOR FULL ITINERARY [masked] or whatsapp[masked] Level of difficulty: Easy - available for everyone. Activities: Sightseeing, cruising, leisure cycling, trekking, swimming. Duration: 9 days Accommodation & meals: local meals included, accommodation in casa particulares. Requirements: daypack, trekking shoes, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses. Approx. cost: 9,900 AED incl. flights until DEC 15th. Excluded: -Several activities will bear extra but not major cost, details TBC. -Visa -Insurance. Visa: UAE, EU, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – we ll guide you on the process. Other passports will be guided to arrange their visas via Embassy in Saudi. See yah in Havana! x Piotr [masked] / [masked]

High Cliffs & Blue Pools Weekend | E35 - Wadi Bani Khaleed to Wadi Tiwi, Oman

Dubai Airport Departures Terminal 2

https://vimeo.com/194134715 This wonderful mountain trail, known as E35, is one of the Oman classic treks connecting Eastern Hajjar with seaside of Wadi Tiwi. Two nature wonders of Wadi Bani Khaleed and Wadi Tiwi will surely satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes for adventure. The high cliffs surrounding the blue pools and green farms are views that can not be forgotten! We will spend our weekend exploring this national trail together with our local Omani friends that will introduce us to their culture and customs. The trail can be done both directions, however logistically its much easier to start it from Wadi Bani Khaleed and gain the altitude first. Whats also important, we will end up closer to airport - in Wadi Tiwi, some 2 hrs drive away. Path is steep in places with elevation gain of approx 1800mtrs, but its the whole day length of the trek that makes the grade moderate. Expect several open ledges crossings. The length of the trail, depending on instrument used, is 28-40km. Level of difficulty: moderate to hard. Trail with elevation gain 1800 mtrs, 6-8hrs per day. We will adjust the pace to reach the village before sunset. Activities: trekking, swimming, camping. Duration: weekend Accommodation: camping in local villages. Meals: local foods with villagers, BBQ. Requirements: trekking shoes, sleeping bag, tent, mattress, small backpack, hat, sunscreen, 12 ltrs of water, swimming gears, head lamp, snacks, warm layer for night, wind proof jacket. If you dont have tent or mattress we have spares. You will carry only water and min. necessities during trek, your main luggage will be driven to the overnight location. Approx. cost: 1900 AED all incl. of flight to Muscat by flydubai (Terminal 2) and all logistics. Specifically excluded: - Water we ll need to buy it on the way from airport, 12 ltrs pp, - Visas are the subject of individual arrangements. GCC visas rules apply. Apply here for online visa: https://evisa.rop.gov.om/en/apply-for-a-visa More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_policy_of_Oman Day 1 / Thursday evening Board the plane in Terminal 2, arrival to Muscat, get on the private minibus and drive 3 hrs to the camping spot in Wadi Bani Khaleed. Day 2 / Friday Wake up to sunrise, pack up, load the main luggage on a truck and start gaining the cliffs above one of the most beautiful nature wonders in Oman. The elevation picks up quickly and within 3 hours we should reach the highest point of our journey, at 2100 mtrs. By 5 pm arrive to village for BBQ dinner and overnight. Take a shower in the wadi springs and make friends with Omani villagers while they cook for us their specialties. Day 3 / Saturday On Saturday path is mostly downhill. Continue trek down to Wadi Tiwi meeting point, take a dip and cool down in endless blue pools. Drive in a private minibus back to Muscat and fly back home.... See yah on a trek!! xx Map source: Oman Ministry of Tourism All other details available to confirmed RSVPs. Do not RSVP until you re sure you are able to join. Galleries from our previous trips to the area: http://www.meetup.com/trekkup/photos/26521318/ http://www.meetup.com/trekkup/photos/26208777/#[masked] http://www.meetup.com/trekkup/photos/26457434/#[masked] http://www.meetup.com/trekkup/photos/26630001/#[masked] http://www.meetup.com/trekkup/photos/26598747/#[masked]

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