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Friday night game night!
We're back! This meetup has been going strong for almost 10 years, and the average size of any given game night can range from 12-40 people, depending on who decides to show up on that night. The regulars barely ever check that they're coming. How does it work? You walk into the basement, and will get directed into a game. It's fairly simple. We will know you are new and will do our best to welcome you and invite you into a game. You don't have to know any of them, as we will explain the rules to you. Don't be too intimidated, everyone was new at some point, and we will do our best to ensure you are comfortable. If you are an old grognard and already know all these games, be prepared to get devoured by our sharks :) What should I bring? You can show up just as you are and we won't complain. You can bring games you are comfortable with or that you could teach. You can bring friends (though I recommend you get them to sign up on the site too). Most of the people bring some sort of snack food/drink to share with everyone. I have a kitchenette and it will be stocked with whatever people brought that night. It is nice, but not required. Can I bring a socialized dog? Yeah -- I've got a fairly large yard and the reason I keep the gate closed is so the dogs can play outside. It's like dog park + game night. Must be good with other dogs! Can I bring my children? I don't recommend. We run late, and we're mostly unfiltered. You may if you want to though. I have lots of games, and some will play as young as 10.

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"{Eurogames} are a breed of tight, well-designed games that resemble Monopoly the way a Porsche 911 resembles a Chevy Cobalt." -- Andrew Curry, Wired.

You'll love this group if you're sociable and enjoy intelligent activities. The games we play are much more cerebral than the Monopoly and Risk you grew up on. We have some excellent game teachers, who will explain the rules to you and make sure you have a good time on your first night out. We love having people come back :) If you notice, we've had fairly consistant crowds every week for nearly a year. A typical game night has anywhere from 10-20 people at it, with 2-4 games played at any given time. It can get loud at times, yet it can become quiet as a library, if we have too many heavy strategy games going at one time. We have games ranging from very light social games to games that would make a world champion chess master scratch his head wondering what to do next. But they're all fun, and the company really can't be beat. My favorite quote about playing these games is: "The goal is to win, but it is the goal that is important - not the winning" Most of the people who come to this abide by that rule. We all try to win, but no one minds it when they don't. You can check out my list of games at

If you are wondering about Eurogames, or modern boardgames in general, check out this article a buddy of mine wrote on the subject:

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