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Weekly Sunday Brunch At Dharma Farm Animal Refuge
Please join us at Dharma Farm Animal Refuge for a weekly "meet the animals as well as other like-minded people" event. A free farm-style brunch will be included with your $15 donation per adult to visit the refuge. Food is served buffet style and is prepared in my commercially designed kitchen (currently used only for events and cooking classes) and is served between 11:30 and 1:30 pm. Folks seat themselves at several communal tables in a recently remodeled room that is adjacent to the kitchen. Please note, we are working on constructing a wheelchair accessible bathroom on this level, which should be done by December. Currently the restroom is up a flight of stairs. When the weather is pleasant, people have the option of eating, or taking their coffee, outside on the back patio, which has a lovely view of the animals and farm. A $7.50 donation /cost for Kids ages 3 - 12 , but one child may attend for free with each adult $15 donation! So, if you have two kids, you will only donate $7.50 for them both to attend. Please note, as spaces are filled by reservations submitted on Eventbrite, and elsewhere, I add those people to the guest list here. Space can fill up fast. There will be gluten-free options, but the kitchen is not gluten, nut or soy free. The brunch will feature several options, which will vary weekly. We will offer items like pancakes, tofu scramble, roasted potatoes and vegetables, vegan sausages, oatmeal with toppings, smoothie bowls, avocado toast, vegan quiche, pastries, etc. Coffee and tea, as well as prickly pear lemonade will also be available. Please leave a comment to let me know if there are children in your group and also comment if you have a strong preference regarding your menu choices. Also, During November and December anyone wanting to set up a table (that they must bring), to sell or trade their hand-made vegan crafts may do so for free, if they have paid to attend the event. This may be a way for folks to get some locally made, seasonal gift items while supporting others in our community. Please message me if you want to bring a table, or even set up a vending tent. I will need for you to sign a document indemnifying me from any potential risks from your products. Our costs to maintain the animal refuge, which is truly a labor of love, are very high. For example, we recently built a new barn (10k) for the animals, and also took in the roosters. Each bale of hay is minimally $5, while straw is $4. We go through dozens each month, especially in the winter. We also go through many bags of feed each month. There are always medical bills and many other once incedental costs. We are very committed to maintaining this microsanctuary and caring for all of our animals, but we really could use your support of this endeavor, and while donations are welcome and always greatly appreciated (we are a non-profit), we do not aggressively solicit donations, instead the model I feel most comfortable with is one where people receive a benefit for their support and involvement. While attending the event, you will meet all the animals and have the option to eat some delicious, wholesome, plant-based food in a lovely communal environment. The food will be cooked with mostly organic ingredients, many local and they will be prepared with minimal oil and sugars. You are sure to meet some cool folks and there will be live music and sometimes other forms of entertainment. Please do not bring your own pets and watch for oncoming vehicles on the driveway as it is only one way. There are inherent hazards when being in nature and around any animals. Please be cognizant that some plants, the terrain, the pond, insects, farm animals, our dogs and cats, all may pose potential danger. Come at your own risk.

Arcada Lodge, Dharma Farm Animal Refuge

5881 Old Poole Road · Archdale, NC

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