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Bringing Empathy to IT - Nirmal Mehta || Real World Observability - Chris Bailey
Come join us for this double header event to end the year! Strong Beliefs Loosely Held: Bringing Empathy to IT | Nirmal Mehta In this talk, the conversation centers around how to use behavioral economics and other processes to assist in getting IT organizations to adopt DevOps practices. Technology is easy but, people are hard. How can we use game theory to encourage empathy in an organization? This talk fosters thought and dialogue on how to address the people and IT cultural needs as organizations transform. --- Nirmal Mehta, Chief Technologist in the Strategic Innovations Group at Booz Allen Hamilton specializing in research, implementation and integration of emerging technologies to Booz Allen’s federal government client base. He leads the firms efforts in containerization and distributed application architectures, and thought leader for DevOps practices. He is passionate about Open Source, Containerization, Cloud Automation, DevOps, Data Center Transformation and integrating open-source software to push the capabilities of future IT infrastructure. He focuses on bringing leading edge technologies to enterprise systems for commercial and public sector clients. ----------------------------------- Real World Observability: Pull the Thread | Chris Bailey Let’s face it, monitoring is hard. In this talk, Chris Bailey will pull the curtain back on building a modern observability platform, warts and all. He will talk through the considerations before even getting started, the pitfalls and gotchas encountered along the way, and the best way to sell the value of comprehensive monitoring, alerting and logging back to the business. At the end of this talk, you should have a good foundation for starting the journey toward your own observability platform. --- Chris Bailey is the head of DevOps at AdvisorEngine, organizer of the Triangle DevOps Meetup group, co-host of Setup for Failure, a podcast about DevOps, an organizer of DevOpsDays Raleigh, and a member of the DevOps team. --- Food and drink provided by Hays.

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