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NCREIA is a real estate investor group that has Chapters in Raleigh/Durham, Wilmington, Charlotte and Fayetteville. Join us

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NCREIA Experienced Investors

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Let’s talk advanced stuff with building and developing and investing in vacation rentals in NC. Join Bret as we dive into how to build, develop, and invest in vacation rental markets to earn great returns WHILE enjoying the perks of partial ownership!
Topics for discussion:

  • Deal structures for Build-to-STR models
  • How to find a good market for STRs
  • How to find a good property and right size house in the good market

Bret Tingey is a real estate investor, patent attorney, father of six, and a resident of the Raleigh, North Carolina area. Bret owns multiple properties on the islands of North Carolina that he bought as land and developed to single-family homes for short-term rentals. Bret is a general partner on a 9-house develop-build-and-STR subdivision on Oak Island, NC; a general partner of a 12-house develop-build-and-STR subdivision on Ocean Isle Beach, NC, and additional projects. Bret has experience with syndicating using 506(b) and 506(c) raises for his larger projects. Bret's projects have raised over $3 million so far in 2022 and expect to raise over $7 million on 3 projects this year.

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NCREIA Saturday Session with Jerry Fink

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Get Your Offers Right:
Virtual Property Inspection and Repair Estimation Masterclass
Do YOU need to get better at:

  1. Inspecting houses
  2. Determining what does and doesn’t need to be done to them
  3. Coming up with real, investor prices to get that work done?

If you’re new-ish to the real estate world, the answer is probably, “Heck, yeah.”

Miscalculating repair costs (and therefore offering sellers too much money for their houses) is the #1 reason that:
Wholesalers can’t sell deals
• Retailers lose money
• Rental housing providers don’t get the return on investment they’d hoped, and
• Private lenders get into bad deals

On Saturday, August 13th, you have a unique opportunity to virtually “walk through” 3 properties, via video, with expert rehabber/cost estimator Jerry Fink, getting a detailed look at HOW he inspects, what he looks for, and most importantly, how he decides what needs to be repaired, what needs to be redone, and what can be left alone based on the end use of the property.

When you register by August 12th, you’ll get:

• Jerry’s 90 minute “The (Necessary) Art of Estimating Repair Costs Right” class, delivered straight to your inbox (you’ll need to watch this BEFORE you come on Saturday)

• His detailed property inspection checklist, which you’ll need when you go to properties yourself, so that you don’t miss anything when you’re on your own

• His 2022 repair cost “cheat sheet”, which will be your basis for quickly estimating the costs that INVESTORS pay (that’s different than what homeowners pay, or what do-it-yourselfers pay) for all the major repair items you’ll see in most properties

6 hours of live, interactive training on August 13, where you’ll ‘see’ the properties, talk through what needs to be done to them and why, and come up with real offers based on the real repair costs

• The recordings of the workshop for your learning library

Classes like this one usually cost up to $1,000, since there’s usually an expensive bus rental involved and a maximum attendance of 10-20 people (because, you know, only a certain number of people can actually fit in a standard-sized kitchen).

But thanks to the magic of Zoom, we’ve been able to bring your price for this skill-building day all the way down to $97 for members, $197 for non-members* (if you register by August 12th; you’ll need at least a couple of days to do the ‘pre-work’, so we’re cutting off registration then).

*which is a silly price to pay, since you can join NCREIA for just $25 a month, save $100 on your registration, and quit anytime…
Register now, so we can send you the “Art of Estimating Repair Costs Right” 90 minute video—your pre-work for this event—to start on right away.

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NCREIA Raleigh Chapter Main Meeting

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## Making Offers Like a Pro

### If you’re not making offers, you’re not buying houses.

Thanks to your REIA, you now have the tools to help you do just that, Make Offers that Get Accepted.
My name is Mike Jacka, a full time investor of 25 plus years and the developer of the Property Analyzer Tools that are available through this REIA as a Premium Upgrade.
At this training I will show you how to Quickly and Accurately Estimate Repairs, Analyze a Property and Make Offers that Get Accepted.
One of the things that hold many people back is the fear of making a mistake because they may have missed something or that they think they don’t know all the details that the experienced investors do. Over the years I have developed systems and checklists to help my staff and agents collect the required information and how to read/analyze the information so that it all makes sense. The next step is how to use all that information to make an offer that the seller is more likely to accept and how to make money from the deal once the seller accepts your offer.
The national average of deals to offers ratio is around 20 offers made to buy 1 property. That simply doesn’t make sense to me. Most people that follow my system have reduced that number down to buying 1 out of every 3 offers they make.
I set out to create a simple yet effective system so that I could get anyone trained within a few days to go out and find deals for me with little to no experience. It took several years of trial and error to find the right process, but it was worth it because now I can hire someone new, with no experience and have them finding deals and presenting offers while I am traveling around the country doing what I love; helping others find their own success.
Why does this system work?
Because it looks at the most important numbers and presents you with a few different ways to buy a property and more importantly, it also shows you the appropriate exit strategy for each offer and what your potential profit centers are in each deal based on the unique circumstances of your deal, not just hypotheticals that do not relate to the deal you are looking at.

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