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Congratulations! You've found the most vibrant, interesting Tarot Meetup group anywhere (although we may be a little biased!).

Whether you use the Tarot as a tool for ritual, consult it for wisdom and guidance, or you just love the beauty of the cards, we are delighted to have you join us!

Since 2003, we have been getting together every month in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area for Tarot study programs and small group or team practice readings. We've also featured lots of special Tarot-related events, including Tarot art nights, occasional guest visits from distinguished Tarot artists and authors, and even Tarot Swap-Meet parties.

We provide an upbeat, safe, and supportive environment to explore, ask questions, have fun, and deepen our Tarot skills and friendships. And our Message Boards (https://www.meetup.com/triangletarot/messages/boards/) are where we also welcome non-local Tarot friends to join in.

MEMBERSHIP IS FREE… and open to Tarot enthusiasts at all levels of experience, from brand-new beginners to seasoned professional readers. Donations are gratefully appreciated, however, to help with Meetup dues, administrative costs, etc.

More questions? Stop by our Welcome Wagon topic (https://www.meetup.com/triangletarot/messages/boards/thread/2086763), or contact your friendly Organizers!

Bring your decks, your favorite layouts, your questions, and your ideas! Let's learn, enjoy, and explore the depth and beauty of the Tarot!

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UPDATED: Come CELEBRATE our 20th Anniversary - Zoom Only!

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Can you BELIEVE it??

Ever since Feb. 2003, we have been gathering together every single month (with only a couple of weather-related cancellations) to talk Tarot, share our cards and our excitement, and pool our knowledge with each other.

Meetup groups come and go but YOU have made ours an enduring haven of happy, and that's something we need to celebrate!

If you have already RSVP'd - Good for you! Very smart! Because this is now sure to be a blockbuster that fills to capacity fast!

First the bad news: Sorry, no PowerPoint retrospective. I will put one together for another time. And sorry, no breakout room practice sessions.

Now the really stunning, fabulous news:
Not one, not two, but THREE of the Tarot's most beloved legends have graciously agreed to join our celebration!

Dearest Triangle Tarot and Friends - I am delighted to welcome the one and only:
Thalassa Therese
James Wells
Mary K. Greer

Join us for a night of fun, friendship, and Tarot-y revelry as they offer their musings, a look at their latest projects, and gamut-running insights, via a panel discussion.

Also, just to add to the merriment, please wear a party hat: chic, or humorous, or magical, or retro, or whatever kind of hat you'd like.

=*=*=* =*=*=*=* =*=*=*=* =*=*=*=* =*=*=*=* =*
Special shout-out to our folks who might not have been here for a while...
=*=*=* =*=*=*=* =*=*=*=* =*=*=*=* =*=*=*=* =*

We miss you. We'd love to see you drop by for this very, very special moment. YOU helped make us the successful, beautiful group that we are, and you would be most, most welcome! Please come back and say hello!

=*=*=* =*=*=*=* =*=*=*=* =*=*=*=* =*=*=*=* =*=*=*=* =*=*=*=* =*=*=*=*

As always, please bring your show-and-tell decks, your tales of Tarot adventure, and your smiles. Let's merry meet, and make merry right into the next 20 years!

Love and deep gratitude!

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