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Let's Do Another Salon Night!
Optional dinner and socializing: 6pm (or earlier if you simply can't wait!) Official start time: 7pm Back by popular acclaim, let's all enjoy another free-form evening of practice readings and discussing whatever we feel like. I plan to share a special Samhain-themed spread for the evening, but if there's a different spread you'd like to share, or else work with some of those juicy ones we've created in the past year or so, absolutely please do. In addition, have you been wanting to test-drive that awesome new deck in a safe, appreciative setting? Yes, please! If you'd like some other folks to read with you, give you pointers on your skills, or their interpretations of the cards, this is a perfect time to explore the Tarot with supportive, like-minded aficionados! Bring your favorite new or trusty working deck(s) and maybe some personal questions you'd like help working on in pairs, or small groups. Over the course of the evening, we encourage you to move around the room and take turns being the querent, the reader, and back-seat driver, er, I mean, observer, too. Just PLEASE remember our ground rules about practice readings: No guarantees, no pressures, no marketing, and no implied promises of "accuracy." No ego trips, either, please, especially if working with "newbies." In other words, geek out and have some magical Tarot-y fun, but please be mindful that the Tarot can be very powerful. So first and foremost - Do No Harm. As always, please also bring your "show-and-tell" decks, books, and Tarot adventure tales to share. Last but not least -- please remember: If you are going to order one of Bocci's delicious dinners, please arrive at least 30-45 minutes before we start at 7, to give the staff and yourself plenty of time. After 7pm, we'll need room to spread out, move around and work with our cards, safely away from the olive oil and potential tiramisu tragedies! Thanks for being the most awesome, brilliant Tarot people on the planet, bar none! See you in October!

Bocci Trattoria & Pizzeria

5850 Fayetteville Rd · Durham, NC

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