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Congratulations! You've found the most vibrant, interesting Tarot Meetup group anywhere (although we may be a little biased!).

Whether you use the Tarot as a tool for ritual, consult it for wisdom and guidance, or you just love the beauty of the cards, we are delighted to have you join us!

Since 2003, we have been getting together every month in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area for Tarot study programs and small group or team practice readings. We've also featured lots of special Tarot-related events, including Tarot art nights, occasional guest visits from distinguished Tarot artists and authors, and even Tarot Swap-Meet parties.

We provide an upbeat, safe, and supportive environment to explore, ask questions, have fun, and deepen our Tarot skills and friendships. And our Message Boards (https://www.meetup.com/triangletarot/messages/boards/) are where we also welcome non-local Tarot friends to join in.

MEMBERSHIP IS FREE… and open to Tarot enthusiasts at all levels of experience, from brand-new beginners to seasoned professional readers. Donations are gratefully appreciated, however, to help with Meetup dues, administrative costs, etc.

More questions? Stop by our Welcome Wagon topic (https://www.meetup.com/triangletarot/messages/boards/thread/2086763), or contact your friendly Organizers!

Bring your decks, your favorite layouts, your questions, and your ideas! Let's learn, enjoy, and explore the depth and beauty of the Tarot!

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Tarot and the Qabala Tree of Life, with Nina Lee Braden

Optional Social Hour and Check-in: 6pm Official Start Time: 7pm COMING IN OCTOBER: The Qaballa Tree of Life and the Tarot, led by Tarot legend Nina Lee Braden. Is this you? 🤔 What is the Qabala? What does it have to do with Tarot? I see a picture of something called the Tree of Life, but it doesn't look like any tree I ever saw. Why do some people say that you need to be thoroughly grounded in Qabala to really understand Tarot and others say, "Hogwash?" I'm so confused!😳 Join Tarot expert Nina Lee Braden as she takes us through an introduction to the Qabala and the Tree of Life as they relate (or don't relate) to Tarot. Nina Lee is a lifelong aspirant whose focus is Tarot. Along the way, she has picked up a little bit of this and a little bit of that, giving her a scrapbook approach to life. She is a third degree in Northwind Tradition of American Wicca and a second degree in Ancient Order of Druids in America. She is the author of "Tarot for Self Discovery" and countless print and online Tarot articles. She has presented at multiple Tarot conferences, and many of you will remember her as one of the star presenters at the SE Tarot Conclave last Autumn. We are EXTREMELY fortunate that in October, she will be joining us via Zoom to offer us the wisdom of her many years of experience in this fascinating aspect of Tarot, and more. ☞ This gathering is sure to fill up quickly, so please be patient if you are on the waiting list. There is frequently a lot of turnover as the time draws closer, and most folks usually get in. However -- in order to minimize technical issues, seats are limited and RSVPs will be strictly managed - first come, first served. And remember: It has long been our policy that 3 no-shows in a year (meaning not showing up for a meetup without changing your RSVP) means you will be suspended from joining us. Several folks already have 2 strikes, so don't let THIS gathering be your tipping point. ======= In order to ensure plenty of time for Nine Lee's presentation, our socializing and check-in time will be limited to the 6 o'clock social hour, so we can start promptly at 7, have our announcements, introductions, and our monthly energetic support portion. We have a duo show & tell that is belated because of a previous user error (me!) in September (Sissi and Michael!), otherwise, we want to give Nina Lee a full 45 minutes to present. So we'll save new shares for November. ======= Thanks to all who have been contributing to the new virtual "Donation Jar," which is via my PayPal. This is absolutely voluntary, since there are NEVER dues or membership fees to be part of our group. But your support is *very* welcome, as it helps cover the Meetup fees and the video conferencing fees that are coming out of my (Beth's) pocket. If you would like to contribute, my PayPal is zenrose (the at symbol) nc (dot) rr (dot) com. Please add a note that your donation is for Meetup. ❤️ Blessings and gratitude to each one of you, for hanging in there in these challenging times, and especially for being the world's finest, most brilliant group of Tarot Friends! Stay well, and see you in October!

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