No meeting But Elections are coming!

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Topic: No meeting But Elections are coming!
Presenter: Nobody
When: Thursday, 11 June 2020 - 6:45pm to 9:00pm
Where: Online
Parking: Wherever you go, there you are
Map: Video: Will Not be Recorded
Speaker notes N/A


We did not come up with a speaker for this month and there is no trilug office available during the meeting time to host it. I myself am in a meeting with a vendor which might still be going at 6pm. So, I guess we need to can the meeting for this month,


We may be having an online event this month; more on that as we know.


Per our bylaws, we were supposed to have run elections for the
trilug steering committee in May. But COVID-19 happened. Well, we do
need to get that going.

We want to run the election during July's meeting.


1. Candidates! There are 5 positions
( and we need at least 5 bodies
(this is not federal, state, or local elections, so they all have to
be alive). Want to be an officer? Nominate yourself. Or nominate
someone you like... or not. If you have served and want a change in
your position, again.

If you want to be a candidate, make sure you can commit the time and
effort. Also, it takes a team to make this work.

What does the steering committee do?

* plan meeting topics and meeting logistics
* keep our server-farm-of-one up-to-date and running
* solicit donations from sponsors, offer some value in return
* the drudgery of paperwork (bank, 501(3)c, etc)

Bottom line is it takes a team to make trilug to work. Without it there
is no trilug.

2. Speech or something. I know things are interesting but it would be
nice if people knew you existed if you are a candidate. Remember: when
you don't you end up with someone like me.

3. Dates. Since we are still in online mode, let's shoot for election
in July. We can use our meetup page and/or website to post about the

4. Some way to do the voting. I am open for discussion. I would like
to limit the number of dead people voting to a minimum; this is not
normal politics but just electing the trilug steering committee.

Every single position is fair game.