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Welcome to the Triangle SQL Server User Group (TriPASS)! We are an active group of SQL Server professionals that meet monthly for formal presentations on many SQL Server topics. We cover everything from database design, development, deployment, performance, and IT support. We also Business Intelligence topics like data warehousing, reporting, ETL and Big Data. Visit us at our monthly meetings where our sponsors always provide us with free food and beverages. Many times we will have a raffle for books and other items provided by our sponsors.

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Data Integrity Demystified by Deborah Melkin

Online event

When we talk about “knowing our data,” we don’t seem to refer to the term “data integrity” anymore as part of that conversation. After all, that phrase can be very intimidating. But at its heart, it’s very simple – guaranteeing our data has meaning. The good news is much of what we already do creates data integrity in our databases.

In this session, we will explore how the basic constructs in our database design enforce data integrity. We will look at this from table design down through details, like data types and constraints. Additionally, we will discuss the difference between objects that support data integrity and those that support database performance.

At the end of the session, you will have a better understanding of what data integrity is, how to implement and enforce it in your databases, and why it is so important for our data.

Deborah Melkin has been working as a database professional with SQL Server for over 20 years. She spends her days helping programmers with all aspects of database design, queries, performance, and deployment. In 2016, she began her blog, Deb the DBA. Soon after that, she began speaking at SQL Saturdays and user groups. Deborah is a board member of the New England SQL Server User group (NESQL). She is an IDERA ACE Class of 2020 and won Speaker Idol at PASS Summit 2019. Deborah is also a recently awarded Microsoft MVP for the Data Platform.

In her spare time, Deborah can usually be found doing something musical.

Functional ETL using Python by Joshua Higginbotham

Online event

As a Data Engineer, you're continually tasked with building pipelines to facilitate data movement, imports, and extracts. Each time, the request is different but the operation is similar, but takes you countless hours to build, test, and deploy. By utilizing commonly used modules from the Python ecosystem, we can buildout reusable and scalable code, that will support your Data pipelines On-Premises and in the Cloud.

Joshua Higginbotham, a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, is the Director of Data Engineering at Rev.io. He's worked in various roles including Software Development, Database Administration, and Business Intelligence. He’s an active speaker within the Data community and the Leader of the Louisville Data Technology Group on MeetUp.

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