• Shop Talk

    Online event

    Do you have a question about SQL Server or the data platform space? Are you running into technical problems in the office and want a second opinion? Do you have an urge to stump our panel with arcane or weird scenarios--or watch others do just that to us? Then Shop Talk is for you.

    Shop Talk is a Q&A-driven broadcast featuring Mala Mahadevan, Tracy Boggiano, Mike Chrestensen, and Kevin Feasel. Each week, we will dedicate one hour to answering your questions, including live questions with no prep (and I can't see how that could possibly go wrong!). Send questions to us on the air at https://www.twitch.tv/trianglessug or get them to us early by e-mailing [masked] and give us a fighting chance to come up with the right answer.

    Prior episodes' show notes are available at https://shoptalk.tripass.org .

  • What's the Hizzaps with Synapse?

    Online event

    We will take a look at three of the most interesting features and use cases with Azure Synapse Analytics...This is a demo heavy session and we will cover areas of interest primarily to Business Intelligence focused users. We will see how it can open up new ways to building architectures and answer questions from your data.
    Hope Foley, a former Microsoft data platform MVP and database and BI consultant, has worked across many industries including insurance, health organization, and federal government. She now works for Microsoft as a Data & AI Cloud Solution Architect focusing on the education industry. Hope is based in Indianapolis and is an active member in the data and former PASS communities speaking at events and has organized the SQLSaturday event in Indianapolis for 10 years.

  • Accelerated Database Recovery by Frank Gill

    Online event

    Accelerated Database Recovery (ADR) is a new feature introduces in SQL Server 2019. ADR changes the way SQL Server handles transactions. Enabling ADR can provide benefits by decreasing log file size, reducing rollback contention, and improving Availability Group failover performance. Join me fir this session to learn what ADR is, how it works, steps for implementation, and the best use cases.

    Frank Gill has been working in IT since 1999. For the past 12 years, he has been working with SQL Server, starting as a database administrator followed by 5 years as a consultant. With a passion for SQL Server internals, Frank is fascinated by all topics dealing with the transaction log. When not learning about SQL Server, he loves visiting art museums, watching live baseball, and reading voraciously.