Setting Up SQL Audit -- Steps to Success by Mark Gordon


So someone wants you to start auditing. What, why, how much, and how to do it can be some of your beginning questions.

You heard or read about SQL Audit? If you are curious about SQL Audit or have just started learning it, this is the course for you.

Mark will go over topics such as:

· Why use SQL Audit
· Early research to think about
· How to configure SQL Audit
· Auditing at Server Levels
· Auditing at DB levels
· How to read the audit log
· And he will go over a few gotcha’s

Mark Gordon has been on the technical side of the IT field for over 30 years – from mainframe to client server to database to warehousing.

He has been using SQL since 6.5 and is one of the lead dbas for his team. Of all of the areas of IT he has worked with, SQL Server is his passion. Within SQL, he likes performance tuning, assisting others with db and query designs, ssis, ssrs, and teaching others about SQL.

He lives in Cary, NC with his wife Susan and their family.