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Are you a mad scientist or just a science groupie? Whether you are an expert of science or a novice like me, if you love science then this is the group for you!! This group is for people who love science, embrace science, find science interesting or simply want to learn more about their world. I am someone who loved science as a kid but lost it somewhere along the way due to religion, sexism and our educational system's ability to make it as boring as possible. Now as an adult, I find myself wanting to dive back in!! I want to learn and educate myself about the world around me. I want to understand how things work. I want to have knowledge so I can no longer be duped by pseudo-science and charlatans. Most importantly, I want to have fun and I've learned science can be oh so much fun!!! Join us as we explore all facets of science. I intend to visit museums and exhibits, host talks and discussions about various science topics, enjoy films, attend educational programs, and participate in various science activities such as stargazing, guided nature walks, and public lectures. I am looking for any experts interested in sharing their knowledge at an event or class or any person interested in being an assistant organizer. As I've stated, I am not an expert, just someone interested in learning more. Feel free to offer your knowledge, organizing skills or suggest meetups.

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Sunday Sun-day Sundae

Cincinnati Observatory

The Sun is the star attraction and you can learn all about our nearest stellar neighbor. Sunday Sun-day Sundae includes short talks about the Sun, tours of our historic buildings, and safe viewing of sunspots and solar flares from our 1845 telescope (weather permitting). As a special treat we will also have free sundaes for those in attendance. No reservations needed, and Admission is free Thanks to a generous donor! For more information please call[masked] Or visit: www.cincinnatiobservatory.org

Science Book Club: The Vital Question

Cincinnati Public Library (Main Location)

It is not necessary to have read the book first. Parking: The Garfield Garage on Ninth Street between Vine and Race has a nominal charge on Sunday. We will be discussing "The Vital Question: Energy, Evolution and the Origins of Complex Life,” by Nick Lane.

Science On Tap - Exploring The Past To Learn About Today

Josh Miller is a conservation paleobiologist, which means he uses paleontological methods and data to establish historical references for understanding modern populations and animal communities. He is on the faculty at the University of Cincinnati, where he is the Fenneman Assistant Research Professor of Anthropocene and Quaternary Science. Please note: we are not the hosts of this event. We are sharing it to our members so that they can attend, if interested. Please RSVP on the Facebook event of the organizers. https://www.facebook.com/events/637236070111131/

SpaceX: Revolutionizing Space Transportation


Monthly meeting of the Association for Rational Thought. For those who would like to get together after the talk, we will be having lunch at Parker's. Jerry Black will be presenting "SpaceX: Revolutionizing Space Transportation”. This talk is about SpaceX, and how this company is revolutionizing the space transportation industry. SpaceX’s current launch vehicles, the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy are the most cost-effective orbital launch vehicles in the world by far. They have captured a large share of the market for commercial and military satellites and for science missions. SpaceX is also developing the Big Falcon Rocket (BFR), which will be the largest and most capable launch vehicle ever. The BFR will revolutionize how cargo and humans are transported to the Moon and to Mars. The first launch of the BFR is scheduled for 2020, and it might land humans on the Moon as early as 2024. Subsequently, it could land humans on Mars in the late 2020s or 2030s. Speaker Biography Jerry Black is a retired engineer who worked in the aerospace industry for over 40 years. His educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace and Mechanical Sciences from Princeton University and a master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan. He worked for one year as a Rocket Test Engineer at Bell Aerosystems Company followed by 39 years as a Staff Engineer at GE Aviation. His interests include nuclear fusion power, aircraft and rocket propulsion, space travel and Mars exploration.

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Science On Tap - Science Behind Exhibit Creation

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