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What we’re about

Triton Beach Volleyball is a great group of people committed to helping South Bay volleyballers reach their individual beach volleyball goals. We foster fun times and lasting relationships with other local members, so don't be shy… Come out and play! We are an inclusive group of Intermediate and Advanced beach volleyball players that love making new friends. We play 2x2, and 4x4 during our Sunday Funday Meetup event. We look forward to meeting you!   

Feel free to join our Facebook group for additional information and events.

Due to the large size of our group, we have to run a tight ship. We expect each and every person to abide by the following rules at our events.

1. MEMERSHIP DUES: In order to purchase group equipment and pay fees, our group has a nominal $10 annual membership fee per person. Your dues go to paying for new balls and equipment, and make it so that no member is required to bring any of their own equipment when they play. These dues must be paid in order to attend all of our Meetup events. Other events such as instructional courses, physical training, and tournaments may have an additional fee which you will pay when you RSVP for the event. We do not accept cash, so you can only pay your group dues here: ­

2. ATTENDANCE: In order to be courteous towards other volleyball groups on the sand, we cannot save a bunch of courts and have no one show up. Thus, you MUST rsvp for each meetup you plan on attending, so we know exactly how many courts we need to hold. If you can't make it to a meetup last minute, please change your RSVP BEFORE the meetup is scheduled to begin. This way, if there is a waiting list for the event, someone else will have a chance to come out and play. We have a “3 Strikes Policy” for no-shows and people that show up without an rsvp. Your Triton membership and membership dues may be revoked, so please discuss with a Triton Organizer should you have extenuating circumstance to be considered.

3. SPORTSMANSHIP: Good sportsmanship and friendly attitudes are a must from each member and are essential to this group being a fun place to play. Being verbally abusive or excessively rude toward event organizers or other members will result in immediate removal from the group, and membership dues will be forfeited.

4. CBVA/AVP GAME RULES: These rules will be enforced in all games. If you don’t know the rules, we are happy to explain them to you when you come to a meetup. You can also Google videos that explain the rules. For the enjoyment of others, all members are encouraged to strive for bump, set, spike plays on each side of court before returning the ball to the other side of court. Please note that there is to be NO KICKING THE BALL IN GROUP GAMES. This is for the safety of all group members, despite your ability level. Willfully ignoring this rule will result in removal from the group, and membership dues will be forfeited.

5. VOLUNTEERING: We need a lot of help with holding courts, setting up equipment, cleaning up equipment, and setting up and breaking down of parties on BBQ days. As a Triton member, it is expected that you and your guests will contribute with setup, breakdown, and if attending a BBQ, bringing a healthy side or prepped meat for grilling. All events are BYOB. If your food requires buns (ex: hot dogs, sausages, burgers), please remember to bring some! If bringing meat that is not prepped and ready to grill (Ex: ground beef not made into patties, chicken not cut up or marinated, etc.), please make sure to do this beforehand. For potluck BBQ events, please comment in your RSVP what you and your guests plan on bringing, as well as any way that you can help out while there. The events are a lot of work for Triton Organizers to put on, so we greatly appreciate everyone doing their part.

6. HARRASEMENT/SEXUAL HARRASEMENT: We have a "Zero Tolerance Policy” when it comes to harassment of fellow members and guests. This includes all forms, including (but not limited to) sexual harassment, verbal harassment, or any other action deemed threatening in manner. Please direct any concerns to a Triton Organizer immediately should you have any. All harassment will result in immediate removal from the group, and membership dues will be forfeited.

7. PAY IT FORWARD: Whether you have been playing for a long time, or are still progressing in your game, everyone is progressing in their game at a different pace. Being supportive group members means being open to giving and receiving friendly feedback or suggestions that may help you improve your game. As noted above, this volleyball group is for Intermediate and Advanced players, so if your level of play is not quite there yet, Triton Organizers are happy to recommend classes that can get you there faster.

8. 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER: Triton is an adult meetup which requires members and their guests that play to be 18 years of age or older. This is for safety and liability reasons and is non-negotiable.

For the enjoyment and safety of all group members, Triton membership is limited to Intermediate and Advanced level players. Each member will be given a skill level assignment based on your answers to your profile questions. When you come out and play, that title might change. If you wish to have your skill level reassessed, then you must have a Triton Organizer or our group coach, Dan, watch you play and determine your true level.


Players who have been recently introduced to beach volleyball or have little ball control (<40%). Level 4 players will be encouraged to attend volleyball classes to learn the basics of the game and improve their consistency with ball control and serving. Due to past safety concerns, only players assessed at a consistent Intermediate thru Advanced level will be allowed to play (Level 3, Level 2, and Level 1).


Level 3 players can pass and set with some control (>50%), and can serve consistently. Players may have some beach volleyball experience and may have taken an Intermediate beach volleyball class.  


Level 2 players can play a fast, competitive 2x2 or 4x4 game with good, solid ball control: passing, setting, and hitting consistently (>70%). You have moved from basic skills to defensive strategy, shot-making, hitting, and blocking. Players may have taken High Intermediate or Advanced level beach volleyball classes.


You have EXCELLENT ball control (>90%), and can almost always control your hits, sets, passes, and overhand serves. Can BLOCK and dig hard driven balls, understands defense, and can hand-set with little or no ball rotation. Has a wide variety of control shots.

This group is about growing your volleyball skills, enjoying the beach, and meeting & socializing with group members. Thank you for being a part of this long-running group. We can't wait to meet you and play some games. See you on the sand!


By accepting RSVP to an Event, You agree and understand that you have read Section 6.2 of Terms of Service Agreement. Section 6.2 releases Meetup Organizers from claims, demands, and damages in any way connected with your Meetup gathering.

2X2 & 4X4


Weather Forecast:

These game are for intermediate up to advanced players. We may set aside a court strictly for advanced players based on attendance and need.

Setup time: 8:45 AM

Start time: 9:00 AM.


WAITLIST: Wait listers can join the game and play until the RSVP's show up or continue if rsvp's fail to show. The last wait lister to show comes off the court first as RSVP's show up. If you are on the WAIT LIST upon arriving place a # next to your name in the order (of wait listers) you showed.

UPON ARRIVAL: Sign up for either 2X2 or 4X4 sheets. Use the 'NEXT UP' list as it will determine order of play. (When going on the court cross off your names, do not put your names on it until you are off the court).

ROTATION: To Maximize Court Time:

1) NEXT UP take the first available court. HOWEVER:

2) IF and only AFTER you win you may challenge a court. ---- The TWO Next Up teams take the available court. Team challenging shall give up the court and wait (check to make sure another team hasn't already challenged that court). And let the Next Up teams know you have challenged to avoid any confusion.

2X2 - 2 wins and sit. 4X4 - 2 wins and sit.

If you are on the court that is being given up for Group Games and you won, you will move to the top of the Next Up List... and let those on the list know.

Direct any questions to the organizers. Respect the organizers!! The organizers for this meet-up are Anthony, Larry, and Roger.

**If you wish to play in the group games that follow, you DO NOT need to RSVP for those games.**

--- --- --- ---

GUESTS: Members are welcome to RSVP with a +1 however the same +1 is limited to 3 visits as we encourage them to become members.

Thank you for showing interest in Intermediate up to Advanced 2X2 and 4X4.

The purpose for this event is to maintain a high-quality competitive level of play and have a lot of FUN.    THIS IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS!


Intro: Level 1, 2, & 3 skill levels

You may be barred from playing if you cannot serve, pass, set, and hit at least 50% of the time. We request that your defensive/offensive skill such as setting, hitting and blocking are consistent. You know when you are at fault, call yourself on lifts, nets, one over, bad hand-sets and understand proper volleyball etiquette, etc.


Intermediate Player: Level 2/3
You play well with advanced players in doubles, but consider yourself as a support role. You like the challenge and with every game your skill level advances. Your score contribution is equal to your partner or at times almost on par. Your sets and hits are consistent 50%+ of the time. You have won your last past doubles games 3/6 times against opponents as equal or higher skill level. Your defense/offensive skills are above par. Your contributions are defined by blocks, hits, setting and digging hard driven balls. Most of all you can pull your own weight, but sometime need a little push.


Advanced Player: Level 1
Has outstanding ball control on serves, sets and hits are consistent 90% of the time. You call the shots and the go to guy/gal when things need to be executed. You play with strategy. You're looking for the next challenge, but don’t mind helping those that need a push. Everyone wants to be in your team not because of your skill level, but because of your positive attitude. Your contributions are defined by blocks, spikes and digging hard driven balls. You are the MVP because you have patience and love helping others!



RSVP & Attendance

A reminder – as a courtesy to your fellow players make sure you RSVP and please be on time! If you can’t make it remember to change your RSVP so wait listers can play. SEE RSVP SPECIFICS BELOW.

1. You must RSVP to play. You can generally cancel RSVPs before the event, if you're unable to do so please let the organizer know.

2. Wait listers can come at organizer discretion. If court space is an issue, RSVPs get first chance to play.

3. If you’ve RSVPed ‘yes’ and plans change after RSVPs are closed, please post your change of status and also message the organizer. This provides other folks the opportunity to play. Organizers understand if last minute work issues, family etc. comes up. If you find you’re needing to cancel last minute much of the time, you may want to talk to the organizer and see if there’s a better way to attend meetings so other folks get the chance to rsvp. We'll be happy to work with you.


Looking to improve your game?

Anyone who wishes to be ultra-awesome, our sensei in residence, Dan Doubroff, beach pro in the fabulous 90's, offers lessons on Sundays. Dan authored the FIVB Training Manual, which is free to download from his website:


Parking & Locations

The City runs twelve parking lots. These lot locations can be viewed using the online. There is even a 10 hour lot for $.75 per hour.

Parking Lot Map (

(PDF) or below

Public Parking Lots Interactive Tour (

Beyond lots, there are over 400 City street meters in the Downtown and North Manhattan Beach business districts.

1308 The Strand (13th street & Strand) in MB is about a block or two north of MB Pier. The MB Pier has parking lots which are hopefully not too full early.

Also, if you go north from 13th street Valley/Ardmore Drive seems to have free parking spaces as well (Early bird gets the worm). On 15th street at the Post Office is free parking.



By accepting RSVP to this Event You agree and understand that you have read Section 6.2 of Terms of Service Agreement. Section 6.2 releases Meetup Organizers from claims, demands, and damages  any way connected with your Meetup gathering.